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Who is Tom?

Name: Major-Tom
Also Known As: That Smug Prick from NSG.
Title, Pronouns: He/His
Occupation: Law Student
Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Swedish/Spanish/German/Scottish.
DoB: No
Age: 23 my god
Gender: Male
Blood Type: I don't even know my blood type.
Siblings: Yes.

Ideology: Perpetually Frustrated
Party: Sometimes Democratic
Political Wing: Jaded & Generally Left of Center
Likes: Relaxing, Some Good Tunes, Some Good Friends.
Dislikes: Inconsiderate People, Twitter, OP-ED writers, Dairy.
Hobbies: Swimming, Hiking, Writing, Loud and Full-Hearted B*tching.

~ Basic Description/Introduction ~

Ah, uhh, I'm 23, from Arizona, and a (redacted) with a penchant for swimming, writing, hiking, skiing, and politics. I quite enjoy a nice drink and I'm an insufferable music/film snob. I fancy myself as witty or cool or something, but really, I'm not. I'm probably the same as many of you: An underpaid, overworked, overstressed young guy trying his best.

What else? I don't know. I'm just an eccentric guy living a crazy, but damn fun life.

Ideology & Politics

Pro: Social Democracy, "Good" Populism, Universal Healthcare, Environmental Protection, Civil Libertarianism, Consumer Protection, Campaign Finance Reform, YIMBY Movement, New Urbanism, Criminal Justice Reform, Marijuana Legalization.
Neutral: Switzerland, right?
Anti: Conservatism, Socialism, Right-Populism, Marxism, New Jersey, Lunatics on Facebook, Alt-Right Sh*theads, Authoritarianism of any stripe.

Explanations: Huh?

I Support: Danny DeVito, Complaining on the Internet.

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song: "Coffee & TV" by Blur
Favourite Foods: Sushi, Deli Food, Hummus, Thai Food of any variety.
Favourite Beverages: Gin & Tonic, IPAs.
Favourite Bands: Glass Animals, The Smiths, The Cure, David Bowie, Tame Impala, Radiohead, Steely Dan, Lana Del Rey.
Favourite Book Series: Bond Series.
Favourite Video Games: Civ 5, Sim City 4, Cities Skylines, Forza.

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