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Munisha Mahrenbach, President of the Federation (Under construction)

President of the Federation
Munisha Mahrenbach

Personal Info


25th August 1979


Vorhad, Umbrian Republic


39 years


Paul Mahrenbach


Rayana Barun



Sexual Orientation:


Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Benevolent social-libertarianism

Economic Ideology:

Social market economy


"Under my presidency, the Federal Administration will continue to safeguard the freedom, rights and future possibilies of those who are most in need." - Munisha Mahrenbach

Munisha Mahrenbach 7th and current President of the Mahrenbach Federation. Before entering the political stage she was a businesswoman.

Being a distant relative of the founder President Jerome Mahrenbach, Munisha was born and raised in Vorhad City and later received an degree in economy and master of business administration. She also briefly worked as a freelance photo journalist and travelled thus to a number of various countries, before taking charge of her company and bringing it back into business before selling most of it for an undisclosed but presumably high sum in 2012.

Munisha entered politics when she, known as socialite and all around talent, was offered the position of vice-presidency by President Frank Austerlitz. In this function she served two years before ascending to the Presidency itself in the wake of Austerlitz resignation from office.

During her Presidency Munisha focussed on social issues inside the capitalist Mahrenbach Federation. She also oversaw the sucessfull advancement of the Federal Spaceflight Program and approved further investitions by private space agencies, making the MF one of the leading world nations in space technology. Munisha has been also promoting and spearheading the policy of "Harmonious Economic Growth and Environment", attempting to dissolve the dualism through implementation of advanced, efficient green technologies. She has also been, recently spoken out in favor of LGBT+ rights.

Early Life

Munisha was born at 25th August 1979 in Vorhad, then capital of the Umbrian Republic. Her father Paul Mahrenbach is a relative of founder President Jerome, her mother is of murian descent from which she inherited her tan skin color and looks. Theres relatively little known about Munishas upbringing but she did attend the prestigious Saint Ives boarding school for girls and took part in a number of excursions and expeditions with her class mates. It was also in school where she discovered her passion for photography, art and fencing. She later enrolled in a Businss School an earned a bachelor degree.

Life before politics


Rise to Power

Being a sucessfull businesswoman and having risen to some status Munisha was a highly sought out socialite in mahrenbachian circles and she would make many contacts including into the political world. She quickly learned the game of politics and how to subtly influnce and manouver in the new environment, giving donations and support and building her own little network and as well collecting valueable information and secrets. Which would later prove important. Ultimatively she joined the campaign of the conservative Frank Austerlitz bid for presidency as a advisor and after his subsequent victory was appointed as Minister of Tourism in the Federal Administration.

She quickly made herself a name for her calm and focussed attitude and after a cabinet reshuffle became unexpectedly Vice-President. As the Austerlitz administration faced a number of issues and the President came under pressure after loosing parliamentary support and his party began to fracture and a looming impeachment in the wake of an international incident and other blunders, he resigned from office, which then passed to Munisha Mahrenbach as by the constitution mandated.


Munisha Mahrenbach assumed Presidency of the Federation on 29th August 2017. She was subsequently confirmed by the United Chambers with wide majority. In the first 100 Days she focussed on reforming and steamlining the Presidential Administration, rushing a series of reforms and new policies and as well building her own team. Munisha was the first President to move into the recently finished Granite Palace Tower building, which serves as the seat of the presidency.

Her calm demanor won her soon appriciations as many had grown tired of the incompetent policies of her predecessor in office who tried an populist yet unsucessfull approach that has still left lingering tensions and sentiments to be felt occassionally in the Federation. She is the second President of the Federation who is of partially murian descendent.

In the first year in office she has travelled to many countries aboard the hypersonic Mahrenbach One, transatmospheric craft. Its the very lastest invention of the Federations advanced industry and can fly both in atmossphere and also submerge below the oceans of Omnya. In her travels shes now secured by a security detail of sunglasses, and suit wearing bodyguards.

Munisha has spearheaded a number of social and political reforms that have been dubbed social-democratic by some and also led to resistance against her by more conservative factions and a number of parliamentary struggles that delayed a number of policies and let to a temporary deadlock.

In 2018 Munisha is said to have narrowly escaped an attempt on her life during a vaccation on her yacht. The exact details have been classified due reasons of National Security. Subsequently a wave of mass arrests took place with over fifty people being detained by the Corporate Investigation Squads under the State Security Law (the so-called "Lex Leviathan"). Eighteen of whom were convicted of being involved in various crimes of whom none were in relation to the alleged incident. The case remains a subject to speculation to today.

In 2019 Munisha took a heart on LGBT+ issues, something that was of no concern to previous administrations. Most notabily she signed a bill that banned forced conversion therapy to minors in the entire Federation, which was postively received. However conservative opposition politicians remarked that such measures would attempt to tackle a "problem absent from the Federation". LGBT+ advocates unsurpringly disagreed with this view. Subsequently Munisha was also the first Mahrenbachian Head of State who took part in the Federal Pride Parade as honorary guest flying rainbow colors. Which has since been become another point of attack by some of the nationalist opposition.

Yet the biggest change in 2019 was the daring and long awaiting step of joining the World Assembly, something which was controversial even within Munishas cabinet and it has been said that she had doubts to the last moment before fully going with the decision that was widely supported by most but not all parties.

In 2019 also wide parts of the Federation faced for the second year in a row unprecedented heat waves and droughts. The Administration remains comitted to fight climate change through innovative solutions and she been empathically in favor of industrial scale CO2 filtration systems as well as reforestation as means to combat the emerging global threat to the Federation and Mankind itself.

Since taking power Munisha Mahrenbach has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • Established and improved relations with foreign Nations

  • Has taken a tough stance against International Slavery and cracked down on international sex-trafficking

  • Made considerable investment into Spaceflight and Thorium reactor technologies

  • Legalized a number of psychoactive drugs by presidential decree

  • Instituted a ban on forced conversion therapy

  • Led the Federation into the World Assembly

Political Beliefs and Style

Munisha's policies have been variously described as liberal, progressive, conservative or social democratic. But nothing of that is really true as shes first and foremost a pragmatist with her own strong sets of beliefs in some areas while being flexible and not above opportunism in others. Munisha believes that the Mahrenbach Federations duty is to spearhead human development and advancement and that it should doing so by leading by example rather than meddle in the affairs of other countries. Thus shes somewhat sceptical of interventionism and liberal idealism. It has been said that, despite enacting many liberal policies, she does not subscribe to it's worldview and follows her own beliefs of what is right and wrong.

While believing in the superiority and vitality of the free market model, she is also aware that its potential can be turn destructive both on humans and the environment alike. Thus regulation is necessary to channel the energies of the market to productive and reasonable ends and results.

As such, shes a stauch supporter of Universal Healthcare and other security measures. She believes that the strong members of society have an noble obligation to protect and care for the weaker ones. Knowing that charity and good will alone will not do it, she attempts cautiously to find the right balance between freedom and necessary limitations of excesses. She generally attempts though to keep the Role of the Government limited where possible, though this is not always working out.

In foreign policy she generally continued the pragmatic and business orientated line of her predecessors, dealing with various nations even when they're ideologically at odds. Nonetheless she has added a few nuances of her own here and there.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Social Market Economy, Nordic Model, Social Security, Universal Healthcare, LGBT+, Drug legalization, Harmony between Environmentalism and Economic Growth, Nuclear Thorium Power Plants, Solar Power, Spaceflight, Free Trade, Foreign aid and support to those in urgent need or emergency, pragmatism in international relations, multilateralism, merit based immigration system, Gene technology, alternative solutions to climate change

  • Neutral: Interventionism, Isolationism, Unilateralism, Gun-rights, 3rd Positionism, Most forms of Liberalism and conservatism, Moderate Nationalism, Monarchy, Protectionism, World Assembly

  • Anti: Nazism, Racism, Communism, Islamic and christian fundamentalism, Totalitarian ideologies in general, Extremism, Intolerance, Ruthless destruction of the environment, Exploitation of children, Climate Change denialism, Slavery, Dogmatism

Five Dimensional Political Compass

Collectivism score: 50%
Authoritarianism score: -50%
Internationalism score: 17%
Tribalism score: 17%
Liberalism score: 50%

8values Test

Personal Life



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