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International Relations of Mahdistan

Mahdistan maintains fairly neutral relations with its neighbours, although some partners are closer overall than others. Mutual embassies are maintained with the following nations:
-Kawther (Hassan)
-Turkhestan (Hassan)
-Islaamistan (Hassan)
-Samudera Darussalam (Hassan)
-Alsheb (Hassan)

Embassies are maintained in these nations, but Mahdistan has no embassy from them:

Other diplomatic relations have also been established with:
-Western Arab Empire
-Islamic Republic e Jariri

Along with numerous other nations. Mahdistan is also a member of the Islamic Peace Prize committee and the Eco-Islamic Cooperation, which is headed by Turkhestan and Kawther respectively.

For the duration of the First Fitna of Islaamistan, Mahdistan has remained neutral.

Despite protests having been ongoing in the cities of Mehran, and much more severely in Zahhak, Hassan has managed to maintain control and stability, and now having been many months since a terrorist attack, Mahdistan reopens its borders to foreign embassies, in either of its two biggest cities. These are as listed below:

#1: Hassan- The Islamic Paradise

The capital of the Emirate, home of the majestic Isa Dynasty Royal Palace, along with other great wonders, such as the Al-Isa Royal Museum and Gallery. Hassan is a safe, clean city featuring a powerful Islamic atmosphere, alongside the modern bustle of an urban metropolis. Owing to its lifetime of meticulous urban planning, convenience is a given in Hassan, and the city's elite public-transportation system is argued to be the very best in the world, with nowhere out of reach. In Hassan, any embassy would be set up but a stone's throw from the nation's beating heart, giving easy access to Mahdistan's bureaucracy and government for diplomatic affairs.

#2: Salaamabad- Birthplace of Mahdistan

The nation's original capital, and a powerful contender for the nation's largest city, Salaamabad is without doubt as much of an icon of Mahdistan as Hassan, or as its local residents proclaim, perhaps more so. Salaamabad is a fast-paced economic powerhouse, just like Hassan, but features a more noble, astute vibe compared to Hassan's bright, glimmering one which many find overbearing. Salaamabad's history stretches back further than Hassan's as well, having been the very subject of the revolutionary war which resulted in an independent South Persian state. Hassan and Salaamabad both share the nation's beautiful coastline, but as well, the mountains to the north can be much more easily seen from Salaamabad than Hassan. The national transport system can see one from Salaamabad to Hassan in mere minutes, so there's not fear of a long commute for diplomatic discussion.

To apply for an embassy, fill out the sheet below:

To sign up for an embassy, fill out the following sheet:
Name of nation:
Head of state:
National Ideology:
Foreign Minster or equivalent:
Name of ambassador:
Nation's largest religion:
Religious laws? (y/n, specify if yes):
Number of staff:
Number of Security:
Are you hiring locally?:
Will we exchange embassies?:
Nation's location (optional):

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