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Supreme Ecumenical Council of Magnolixie


Upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.


The primary organ through which the Purified Church of the Lamb of God is able to provide a sembelance of unity with its Christian brethren is the Supreme Ecumenical Council, headquartered in New Antioch. Officially promoting goodwill and the universal message of salvation, the S.E.C. is the blunt instrumented used to keep a steady grip on religion in Magnolixie, having the de facto power of appointing or removing clergy for practically any justifiable reason, weeding out dissent even in churches ostensibly independent from state power.

Purified Church of the Lamb of God (Ultravisionary Christianity)

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Catholic Institute for the Preservation of Faith (Sedevacantist)

An unlikely ally for a radical Protestant movement, the Traditionalist Catholics of Magnolixie have been granted privileges of worship and inclusion in the S.E.C., as their sedevacantist position on the Papacy has been seen as enough evidence of their loyalty to Magnolixie over the Vatican (though the truth to this argument has yet to see concrete evidence). Though perhaps the most independent out of the churches of the Council, a grassroots reformist trend threatens to incite the S.E.C. to take a more direct approach to the Catholic question.

Magnolixiean Patriarchate (Orthodox)

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