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The Loxodonian Civil War (1976)

Pre Civil-War Unrest

Unusual to Loxodonian's Imperial empires, the last empire, called La Dynastie Turis (The Turis Dynasty/LDT), was suprisingly weak and corrupt for the usual empires of Loxodon. Civil unrest from the outer-rings of islands was growing as the strength and corruption of LDT was growing. Some standoffs between citizens and soldiers lead to full-on brawls, with multiple casualties on both sides. A growing democratic movement, La République Socialiste (the socialist republic/LRS) based in the Eastern Islands of Dormant and Normandy, had grown to sizes the imperial government didn't like. Dormant and Normandy's garrisons were quadrupled to sizes not normal for smaller islands. Civil Unrest grew to levels not seen since the empires of old.

Timeline of the Civil War

After the increased garrisons, many LRS leaders decided to gather up their supporters and begin the revolution, before stuff gets worse for them. On the 15th of August 1976, the formal revolution of the LRS began.


August 1976 - LRS militia units link up around Normandy, Dormant stays in a state of guerrilla warfare and anarchism.
August 1976 - LDT Guardsmen Forces attack makeshift forts in Normandy, minor forts fall to them, but the larger forts push back and take the Guardsmen's camps.
September 1976 - Dormant, after about a month of anarchy, unified itself with the main revolution on Normandy.
September 1976 - Militia forces attack LDT Guardsmen in the occupied towns and villages of Dormant, Dormant's regional capital of Bulwark falls after a 4 day battle
December 1976 - After a few months of general fighting, The Emperor, Norman Turis, appealed to the international community for support for his empire, 2 nations, Solaryia and Havalland vow to support the Imperial forces, while The Tsunterlands supports the republic, all of the aforementioned nations start exporting weapons to their respective sides
December 1976 - Christmas Day 1976, more commonly known as Bloody Christmas by both sides, was the most brutal battle of all battles in the civil war, with over 30,342 military casualties and 14,029 civilian casualties. By the end of the day, Normandy and Dormant were under full Republic control.
February 1977 - A month and a half on from Bloody Christmas comes Jour de la République (Day of the Republic/Republic Day), the day where The Republic of Loxodon was formalised. Dormill and Stiura and The Tsunterlands sent their recognitions of the new republic, while the 2 Imperial supporters vouched for the original Empire.
March 1977 - LDT start drafting all adults into the army, ironically the first time women have been drafted into imperial ranks, this is also the last time.
March 1977 - LRS forces prep naval invasions for the Main Island (Île de la Capitale) with lend-leased transports and frigates. LDT build up coastal forts on the more obvious landing sites.
June 1977 - The naval forces, after months of prepping, launch for LDT held lands, sending ships to lesser defended areas with lower supply, but routes to major cities.
June 1977 - Battle of Plage de Verre (Glass Beach), a beach commonly used by construction companies to make glass, was the beach-head of the invasion forces, fierce fighting from LDT forces make LRS suffer around 5,442 casualties. By the middle of the day, the beach had been secured and LDT forces were on the run. LRS forces gained a major boost in weapons supplies from the captured coastal forts.
August 1977 - LRS and LDT forces have a day truce to acknowledge the 1 year anniversary of the civil war declaration
January 1978 - LRS forces are on the verge of capturing Newport, the second biggest city of Loxodon, LDT Guardsmen corps are sent to key areas, along with Imperial General Forces. Guardsmen engage the LRS militias outside the gates to the city, Guardsmen have success pushing the general forces back, but a few "Speeder Units" (Light Infantry) got past during the battle, citizens in the city arm themselves and join the invading LRS forces in capturing the city. LDT General Forces are overwhelmed and retreat to Kardiff, with a few Guardsmen entrenching in the Imperial administration building.
April 1978 - Kardiff, after 12,221 military casualties, was finally entered by LRS forces, LDT and LRS forces secure their respective halfs of the city, about after 9 days of intense fighting, LDT forces surrender to LRS forces. The LDT higher-ups start talking about peace talks and agree to a cease-fire.
May 1978 - After weeks of peace talks, LDT's own Emperor, Norman Turis admits the defeat of the LDT, with terms being harsh on their supporters. LDT's government is to transform into 5 separate political parties in the republic, Emperor Norman Turis is to be trialled for crimes against humanity (in which he was sentenced to life imprisonment, and died in prison in 2000, January 1st, 00:00am, many citizens paid their respects, enemy or not, he was the last of the Turis Dynasty's emperor, The Republic of Loxodon is to get all resources and national treasuries.

End of the Civil War