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LTRp side characters (groups)

These characters are in groups like more a community of different people. The groups can be nice or bad, I'll describe them here so if someone were to dig into factbook they could find information instead of walking into a group of these people not knowing what they were.

Shadow creatures
Let me tell you right now these guys are used for alot of suff involving Low blood, they live in a realm of shadow, they are basically walking silhouettes of manny shapes. But they aren't flat, they don't walks along walls (though they have the ability to), they actually appear as a 3D figure.
They are quite common throughout Low blood, and some even keep them as pets, but not all of them are nice, most are rather violent.
Some conspire things such as, blaming them for the rifts, being conjured up by some mad wizard, being the national animal, The reason insanity is spreading throughout low bloods, and even a cult following the creatures.
But light has been shed upon these creature as of recent.

The factions of raiders outside of RHS

There are currently four groups of raiders in the wastelands of the HRS. Not all function togeather as many strive for power they often tangle and clash with eachother. They are labeled by animals but are not actually animals.

Color:Blood red
The wolves are a tribe that exists to destroy and raid any groups trying to populate and civilize the desert.
Their arsinal exists of scavenged guns that have that raider type of vibe added to it. Their equipment is leathal.

There are two genrals that exist under one leader, most of these genrals rely on brute force and melee. They've been seen drugging off or dodging bullets at ease as they often time modify their tools to deflect heavy rounds.

Their vehicles exist of jeeps and currently up to two rail gun tanks.
One being used to demolish a club near the RHS not too long ago.
Dislikes:Jackals,military,some bargoer of RHS

Color: Snow white
This group is less raider and more mafia. They mainly aim for cargo supplies and often times use the wolves to stop any convoys while they take what they find important.
Their weapons are more futuristic using plasma or explosives. Their equipment is decoys and imparing tools

There is one leader and two under him. They use both close and mid ranged weapons. They have high tech equipment to carry out tasks.

Their vehicles consist of one van that carries the main three of the group, and motorcycles for the most part.
Dislikes: Wolves, some of everything, those that get in their way.

Color: Dark Green
This is a mysterious group that hides in the caves around the wastelands. They often prey on the stranded or secret projects, sometimes even leftovers from the other groups.
They use long ranged weapons and mid ranged, or silencers. They are vary crafty folk with stealthy equipment.
And they get along with ALL other groups as they are merchants with all.

The rats only have one leader but nobody has ever seen them if they have their deaths trail behind them.

They use sand gliders that often time mimic a wave of sand.
Dislikes:those that threaten.

Color: Midnight blue
This group vowes to do only one thing, rid the wasteland of the living. In doing so the crows only exist to execute. Meddling in both the Jackals and Wolves ordeals, but surprising enough not the Rats.

This group uses all sorts of weapons of both fire arms to melee. Their equipment consists of poisonous types that are used to dull or incompacitate those that oppose them.
They often times leave crow feathers where they get mass killings

It is said an immortal leads them.

Their choice of vehicle is none, though they have been seen on animal before.