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LTF7 characters (some used more than others.)

Ok now these characters are
NOT or remotely close to the rulers of Low blood, they have nothing to do with the government of Low blood.

I'm not saying they're out of the history of Low blood but the only place you would see these characters are in a location/chill thread (If you don't know what that is) that's understandable.
But now you know.

Rams head:

These fellows are the common people found mostly in the Ram' s head saloon, they are most active in this (only) location thread.

Name:Vixen Hark
creature:Ice demon
Age: unknown
Info: A demon that is vary dark in most aspects. He is caring to some extent. He grew up under a mobs wing as a personal medicine man, they gifted him a bar which was destroyed, rebuilt under different conditions and names only to be destroyed countless times.
As he noticed the complaints of the RHS he took up a job as a bartender and Janitor for the place.

His shadows watch over him and everything around him, making him a deadly foe for any that labor him as so.

He is the older brother to the demon Blood.

Name: Imara
Creature: Akira
Age: unknown
Info: Akira are shapeshifters.

Imara is the second most deadly of her kind. In fact there is only two of her kind.
She is rare in the RHS but still is always around as she often travels along Vixen. But these two carry only relation of a knight serving a king.


These folk are ones that can pop up or just not be available at certain times as they travel from many lands, even universes.

Name: Blood Hark
Creature:Fire demon
Age: unknown
Info: He is the younger brother of Vixen. He isn't as bad as he seems, actually quite nice if you're on his good side.

[img]Place holder[/img]
Name: Altares
Creature: Neko
Age: late 20s
Info:Altares is the head of Oni's legion. A legion of knights traveling the land to cleans abyssal anomalies that lie in the multiverse.

Uses the same dark magic that Vixen does and is usually after a hunt.

Can sometimes be considered a traveler

[Img]Place holder[/img]
Age:Late 20s

Info:Iji travels the multiverse to learn spells and incantations, usually traveling to expand harvest knowledge.

Name: Cain
Creature: "You don't want to know."
Age: unknown
Info: Cain labels himself as a head hunter. All he does is take bounties, sleep, and have a meal every now and then.
He is a machine when it comes to combat as he carries multiple pistols, a pump action shotgun, followed up by a hatchet weilded by old Lowbloodian hunters.
It has also been noted he does use some Lowbloodian magic as one could tell from his appearance.

He travels from far away lands taking on whatever lead he can take.
Some say he's searching for something, others say he's taking revenge.

Space pirates
These guys are really distant but they're still around as they held nice stories and were in older threads that are missed.
They are from a different universe where every species evolved just as the ape has turned to human.

Creature: fox/demon
age: 32
gender: male
Info: augmented with some robotics Kaiser is a vary calm and relaxed space pirate.
That commands a fleet of pirates from the galaxies.
He was turned (unintentionally) demon after signing a contract with a succubus.

He is more a fatherly figure/ mentor for the other two as he picked them up at a young age.

Creature: wolf girl.
Gender: Female
Info: She's not the nicest person to meet.
Though she can be tough to handle she is a good mechanic for any crashed crusers.

She prefers to be alone rather than around people especially when when working

Creature: Neko
Gender: male
Info:A vary skilled lean bladesman.
He hold a small group of space pirates that act as great assasin and are well in stealth.

He also has 8 kids with a mermaid.

Not entirely finished and a lot of images have been busted so this needs a big rework