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The Lothlorain Union(OLD)

In the early 1520s, the nation of Sweden experienced a series of successes. Lead by Gustav Vasa they gained independence from the Danish and set up a new kingdom under his rule. This was followed by a swift conquest of Finnish lands. Later in 1560, Gustav died and his son shared his great military prowess. He added the northern part of the Baltics to the empire. With this new power, Sweden rose as a great power with its influence spreading even farther than before.

After rapid growth in the 1500s, Sweden took a step back and looked inward. Their many new lands need to be developed and that's what they did. Large amounts of infrastructure build-up occurred and new roads could be seen connecting almost every city. Around 1780 was when the real trouble occurred after centuries of peaceful build up the people of Sweden looked at the republics created around the world in envy. They were done with a single king forcing them to do what they wanted. This wasn't helped by the fact the in the peace the royal family had grown lazy and complacent.

A young academic by the name of Stefan Frisk rallied the people against the so-called injustices and by the thousands, they gathered in Malmo to gain their rights. In response to this the current king, Ribert sent the full force of his army, 120,000 men to crush the uprising. When they met the first and only battle of the revolution occurred. The revolutionaries had gained control of the city and barricaded the roads in preparation for the royals arrival. When they did arrive though only 100,000 were there and instead of waving the flag of Sweden they were waving that of the revolution. When Stefan approached their leader an asked what had happened he simply said: "Down with the king."

With the army turned on him King Ribert had no choice but to surrender to the revolutionaries. Lead by Stefan they organized and put into place a new system for their republic. Not long after Stefan was elected the first president of the Lothlorian Union. The republic's growth was so rapid and successful that the people Norway looked at their king and saw him as a wall erected in their way to progress. So in 1786 with the help of the Lothlorian Union, they too rebelled and joined the Union.

With the progress now only limited by the will of the people, it was unending. New roads, towns, and technologies were created. To this day the people of the Lothlorian continue this progress putting their effort into technology and learning.

The Republic of Lothlorain