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Abydos - Era of the Long Dwellers

This document is a gift from Christmas to Abydos, in recognition of the friendship that has developed between the two regions.

The content is intended to be used to supplement the excellent History of Abydos posted by Qon.
It contains some new evidence and observations on the period known as the Era of the Long Dwellers. It re-writes the Rule of Assuwa, and adds some details to the Rule of Yaqobia and the Rule of 3-.

The End of the Great Major Death

According to LinkNS History, the Great Major Death in Abydos ended on (or shortly before) the 28 November 2009, when the region was refounded by an unidentified nation. The region seems to have been in continous existence from then until 8 May 2010 or shortly after. The region never seems to have had more than two nations during this period.

NS History shows no record of Abydos between May 8, 2010 and February 26, 2011

The Rule of Assuwa

The nation Assuwa (founded February 21, 2011) was the next refounder of Abydos. From the LinkWFE Index (which records WFEs since June 6, 2010 to December 2018), we know Abydos existed on February 23, 2011, and the WFE read:

We are the twisted firestarters

The NS History website only starts recording founder nations from April 28, 2011, and we can see Assuwa named as founder then. Seven months after founding, Assuwa ceased to exist on September 21, 2011, and the region must have CTEd twelve hours later at the following update.

During the rule of Assuwa, Abydos had two nations in population until June, when the population dropped to one. We, as historians, can conclude that this could be caused by a lack of recruitment on the part of the founder. A lack of recruitment may mean several different things for a region, and likely Abydos fell into one of these scenarios. Assuwa could have been an independent player with two nations, who played alone and enjoyed the game for seven months. It is possible that Abydos was a holding for another region with imperialistic claims (although there is no suggestion of this from the WFE). Or it could be that Assuwa and a friend started the region, and Assuwa gave up after their friend CTEd.

After the ending of the rule of Assuwa, Abydos would remain dead for four months in a time known as the Great Minor Death. Abydos would be founded after this period of death around January 18, 2012, continuing the Era of The Long-Dwellers.

The Rule of Yaqobia


Yaqobia set the WFE for January 18, 2012:

The gate to the underworld, burial ground of the first Pharaohs

They added a regional flag, and, for a day, added its significance to the WFE: "The green on the flag represents rebirth and eternal life, the symbol is the sun-eye of Ra-Horakty"

By February 29, 2012, their home region of Egypt had been refounded, and the WFE encouraged refugees to return:


Camel caravans are leaving in the morning for Alexandria!

In late 2013, and during 2014, the delegacy must have been "Executive", possibly due to temporary CTEing of the founder. Notorious raiders The Black Riders took advantage, and tagged the region on three known occasions.

... the region abruptly ended and died out around the date of September 20, 2014.

The Rule of 3-

Abydos was founded for the fourth time during the Era of The Long-Dwellers by the nation 3-. 3- held the region from about October 10, 2014, through January 14, 2017. Under his rule, Abydos never rose above two population, apparently Linknever set a flag, and the WFE read only:

The region of Abydos.