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Slave Market

Greetings from the ELF-Eladen Free Trade Depot!

As you can see from our description below we have much in common when it comes to oppressing those who deserve it:

The workforce is almost entirely made up of slave labour...the booming slave trade is now government-funded, and convicted felons are forced into slavery for their crimes

As a representative of a long time leading member of the International Slave Trade board we would like to offer our embassy partners a permanent discount (so long as embassy is maintained) of 25% off any successful slave bid. You might find this a lucrative way to set up a distribution network through your slave market. All at a tidy profit for yourselves!

Slave Market Minimum Bid Chart
All prices in Petals (ELF currency)

Common Slaves:

Male: 125
Female: 300
Child: 15

Specialist Slaves:

Labor: 1.000
Service: 1.200

Valkarthian Slaves:*

Industry-Management: 75.000
Industry-Research: 33.000
Industry-Labor: 33.000
Industry-Service: 38.000
Industry-Executive: 500.000

Security-Analyst: 50.000
Security-Field Agent: 33.000
Security-Officer: 50.000

Military-Soldier: 50.000
Military-Specialist: 150.000
Military-Officer: 150.000
Military-General Officer: 1.000.000

Education-Teacher: 33.000
Education-Professor: 100.000

Administration-Clerical: 35.000
Administration-Management: 100.000
Administration-Executive: 1.000.000

Common Slaves: common slaves are the most run of the mill slaves that can be found in ELF. These slaves are all strong, fit, healthy subjected to cursory slave indoctrination training. Unskilled, submissive & sedentary. All adults are fertile.

Specialist slaves: these slaves are as above except have been trained to a level of competence in one or more crafts. There costs depend on the level of skill and number of skills mastered. Sex is as preferred.

Valkarthian Slaves: Demons of Valkarth is the premier exporter of quality slaves in all Nationstates. Each of these slaves have been genetically created o indoctrinated by intense training techniques to be rated Masters at their trained skills.

Many have intellects far beyond the average slave, are genetically created to be fanatically loyal and are rigorously tested to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. These slaves can be entrusted with any task within their range of expertise.

DoV slaves have been starship captains, Masters of Industry, Generals, front line shock troops, brain surgeons, diplomats, etc.

Now don't forget that a lucrative 10% discount also applies to all other purchases through your convenient one stop regional outlet for all Eladeni products. Usual popular purchases are in our Arms, IT & heavy industry products.

Let us know how we can help facilitate trade between our two fine regions.

TG Little Flowers for any trade discussions.

Thank you for your patronage!

The Empire of Little Flowers