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National Factbook of the Republic of Linaviar [UPDATING, WIP]

The Republic of Linaviar
Li-na-viar u-gan zig ton

Motto: Wan ta roc U-kuz ku ra-pir (Linavic)
"Forever Our Home"

Location of Linaviar within the Southern Sea, The Western Isles

Capital: Mes-quvv, O-ni ma-ki
Largest City: Kul-yoď, Ma-kar
Official Languages: English, Linavic (Ton'njal ta ̤g)
Recognized Languages: Various Native Languages,
Xrevaran, Southern Tamang

Government: Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Prime Minister - NAME HERE
President - Desmond Geriad
Chief Justice - NAME HERE
Legislature - Parliament (Ciad)
Upper House - National Assembly (Pov zig zig)
Lower House - National Forum (Mi hid zig)
Tertiary House - Civil Lodge (Nuis zig)
Establishment From the Linavian Empire
-Institution of federative governance: 1894-01-16 (12ʹ6ʹ593ʹ)
-Declaration of Imperial Disestablishment: 1923-02-27 (70ʹ8ʹ↊↋3ʹ)
Signing of the Constitution: 1938-04-01 (90ʹ9ʹ114ʹ)
Area: 190,551 km2
Land - 176,208 km2
Water Percentage - 7.53%
Population: 13,036,000 (2018 Estimate)
Density - 73.98/km2
Total: $NS 217.7 billion
Per Capita: $NS 16,700
HDI (2018): 0.659
Currency: Kiov (Ꝅ) (KOV)
Exchange Rate: 1 Ꝅ = $NS 0.843 ($NS 1 = 22;1ʹ Ꝅ)
Timezone: UTC-11 (DST not observed)
Drives On The: Right
Calling Code: +58
Internet TLD: .ln