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Libereco kaj Paco uses some NS stats

Stats that LkP uses

High stats:
Average Income, Average Income of Poor, Average Income of Rich, Book Publishing, Business Subsidization, Cheerfulness, Civil Rights, Compassion, Culture, Eco-friendliness, Economic Output, Economy, Environmental Beauty, Foreign Aid, Human Development Index, Inclusiveness, Information Technology, Integrity, Intelligence, Lifespan, Niceness, Pacifism, Political Freedom, Public Education, Public Healthcare, Public Transport, Recreational Drug Use, Scientific Advancement, Tourism, Weaponization, Welfare, Youth Rebelliousness

Medium stats:
Influence, Religiousness

Low stats:
Arms Manufacturing, Authoritarianism, Average, Charmlessness, Corruption, Crime, Death Rate, Defense Forces, Gambling, Ignorance, Insurance, Law Enforcement, Mining, Political Apathy, Primitiveness, Residency, Social Conservatism, Timber Woodchipping, Trout Fishing, World Assembly Endorsements

Stats that LkP doesn't use

Needs to be high instead:
Agriculture, Black Market, Employment, Health, Ideological Radicality, Income Equality, Manufacturing, Safety, Weather

Needs to be medium instead:
Automobile Manufacturing, Basket Weaving, Beverage Sales, Disposable Income, Furniture Restoration, Pizza Delivery, Retail, Secularism

Needs to be low instead:
Cheese Exports, Compliance, Government Size, Nudity, Obesity, Population, Rudeness, Taxation, Wealth Gaps

Specific Infos

  • Name: La Anarkista Markomunumo de Libereco kaj Paco (The Anarchist Seastead of Freedom and Peace), short LkP. Residents are Libereco kaj Pacano (plural: Libereco kaj Pacanoj)

  • Libereco kaj Paco is a seastead in international waters in Europe. It was built in 2013 and 100 000 people from around the world live here. The daily life language is Esperanto. LkP is mainly self sufficient and includes farms and factories. Raw materials are traded with fair prices and fair working conditions internationally and there is also cooperation with other anarchist communities worldwide. The internal market of LkP is without money - people take what they need and use, and contribute what they can. The community market is international trade with other anarchist communities. The external market relies on Libereco kaj Paco's sale of electronics (with fair raw materials same as Fairphone), renewable energy supplies, automation/robotics technologies and web services such as censorship-free hosting and VPNs.

  • Libereco kaj Paco has no police force or national military - therefore 0 or negative values for police and defense are correct. In case of attack there is a voluntary armed anarchist militia for self defense purposes.

  • Libereco kaj Paco is an anarchist territory and has no state or government, therefore please ignore any stats relating to government size or control. LkP can be referred to as an anarchist territory or community, but not formally as a country or nation. Anarchist territory means also that there is no king or president and that everyone can decide what happens in their neighborhood, region and LkP in general.

  • LkP's economy covers peoples basic needs as a fundamental and inalienable human right to all residents. This means that everyone is guaranteed to receive housing, food and water, education and healthcare. Due to LkP's reliance on internet in daily life for communications and spread of knowledge, internet connection is also counted as a basic need. People are encouraged to do what they can to contribute to their local community and LkP in general. There is 95% employment/training rate in LkP (employment includes everything that contributes to society and isn't limited to a 9-5 formal job; training includes elementary/high schools, colleges and trade schools; fulltime (20+ hrs/week) and parttime (4-20 hrs/week) are counted the same). Remaining 5% include people who can't work due to health issues, disability, etc. (caring for family members and raising children is included in employment in LkP). Many people are vegetarian or vegan, meat is allowed but unpopular.

  • LkP's economy and standard of living is same as western countries such as Canada, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

  • LkP is a very technologically advanced territory (built a seastead, 100% renewable energy, use of robots and automation, strong cell and internet networks) and therefore has strong informatics, electronics, auto manufacture and technology sectors with high quality research and development. What you see in /r/futurology is likely developed by scientists and engineers in LkP and published in open source journals. Many websites, apps, open source software, cryptography software and blockchain technology are also developed in LkP. However LkP doesn't conduct offensive weapons research, only defensive research.

  • What is considered to be "black market goods" in other countries, is readily available in LkP. For example, all recreational drugs are legal and able to be bought in specialist stores with trained employees who can give advice (there is also free rehab and support available in cases of addiction). All medications are available without prescription but it is advised to consult with a doctor before. Most people own guns or other weapons (e.g. taser, pepper spray) for self defense and concealed carry is accepted but uncommon (LkP is a very safe territory and most of this behavior comes from tradition when anarchists needed to defend themselves in the early years of LkP). As LkP doesn't use identity documents or money there is no use to buy counterfeits but this isn't forbidden either.

  • LkP doesn't use identity documents and you don't need a passport or visa to visit LkP or live in LkP. Planes and ships allow anyone who has interest to board. For international travel, LkP residents (all residents are automatically citizens) can print a passport via an automated machine with their desired name, birthdate and birthplace. In LkP people don't use surnames, only first names (informal surnames are used in case of ambiguity e.g. Ana from the bakery, vs. Ana the computer nerd, vs. Ana with brown hair), meaning if they need to add surname for international purposes, they can invent one or leave it blank. LkP believes in "freedom of identity" which means that people are free to choose their names and the culture that they follow. As many people left intolerant cultures or bad living conditions to come to LkP, many people identify only as Libereco kaj Pacana or as human, instead of with national cultures or ethnicities. For anything that may have used government ID for so-called "security reasons", LkP uses instead a desired changeable username and password, either online or in real life (also described as public address and secret key).

  • For international travel, LkP residents can withdraw up to a certain amount of USD from physical international ATMs in LkP. For online purchases, LkP residents can withdraw the necessary amount from the LkP Monero (XMR) faucet. This money comes from excess pooled profits of LkP's industries (electronics, informatics, research). Because the money is not infinite, there is a floating limit to how much one person can withdraw per month but this is not regularly reached. The floating limit changes depending on how much profits that the international industries earn and how much money is withdrawn by LkP population for international travel and online purchases. LkP residents can also start businesses and private enterprise but it must not harm people. If the business is found out to harm people (e.g. unfair working conditions, unfair pay, overuse of resources or puts peoples survival at risk) the business owner is instructed to relocate their business out of LkP or the business is seized by anarchist community and reorganized to become fair. Private owned businesses are mostly international because LkPs internal market doesn't use money.