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The "Quotes" part of my sig.

    I'll be putting all the fun stuff here because I still want a sig, yet I can't just ignore all the wonderful people here who talk about me behind my back, behind my desk, behind my fridge, over my shoulder, beside me, around me, above and blow me, under me but never on top of me, but most of all in front of me. Direct.

Lianhua, for your noble deeds to the Japanese Empire, I shall give you this title:

God-Empress of Japan; Queen of Korea & Taiwan, Manchukuo, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaya & the East Indies; Rani of Burma & Myanmar; Princess of the South Pacific Mandate; Governor of Timor, Macau, Hong Kong, Guam, Papua New Guinea & Christmas Island, President of the Philippines; Descendant & Blessed of Amaterasu; Head of Shintoism; High Empress of the Internet; God, Allah, & all the other deities that reside on this sacred Earth; Controller of the Universe.

You speak of another love. A common love, between those who would share lives together in tandem with each other. But not a trivial love, no, my dear lady! Not at all! It is a love that ensures a basic peace and kindness with other souls of this Earth, a love that comforts the needy in their time of need. And I humbly accept this gesture of love. :hug:

The Republic of Lianhua