by Max Barry

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The Hive Regime of the Dominion of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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Discover preview excerpts, unpublished research material, and
interviews with Dr. Sophronia L. Pankratz in this interactive website.

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My thanks to the Rookings Institution and the Monitor for People's Rights for supporting my research, including travel, interviews with refugees and descendants, and consultation with other experts. My thanks also to Schuyler College and the Theodosia Bartow Chair for funding me while I've written the book. Finally, a thanks to Steady Lodge Press for printing the book and agreeing to release an accompanying paperback so the book can be as accessible as possible.
—Dr. Pankratz

(OOC: It's okay if you think something in Liagolas is funny; I was just trying to write something that sounded review-y.)