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Hand-held weapons of the Imperium

Work in progress. A list of weapons in use by the Imperium.

Janssen & Stensen P95 Pistol

A select fire service pistol, with semi-automatic, three round burst and fully automatic fire capabilities. An oversized muzzle-break/compensator makes the automatic fire modes at least somewhat controllable. The 20-round magazine can be emptied in a single two-second burst (600 RPM) if the trigger in fully automatic mode.

A detachable rifle stock can be fixed to the weapon for this purpose, functionally converting it into a machine pistol. The long barrel makes the weapon precise but unwiedly compared to many rival models.

Length: 25 cm (55 cm with rifle stock)
Barrel length: 15 cm (5.9")
Weight: 1,1 kg
Ammunition: 8,5 x 25 mm
Muzzle velocity: 450 m/s
Muzzle energy: 980 J
Maximum combat range: 50 m (150 m with rifle stock)

Imptec M22A2 carbine

Standard infantry weapon of the Heer, this select-fire carbine is chambered in the 6,5x60 mm intermediate cartridge and packs a lot of punch while still being comparably lightweight, being primarily made of hardened aluminium alloys with only the barrel and chamber made out of highest quality stainless steel. Standard equipment includes an adjustable stock, a rail system for attachments and the AOR "augmented optical reality" sight preinstalled.

Length: 87 cm (34.2", stock fully extended)
Barrel length: 50 cm (20")
Weight: 3,0 kg (empty)
Ammunition: 6,5x60 mm, 30 round magazine
Muzzle velocity: 1022 m/s
Muzzle energy: 3044 J
Maximum combat range: 800 m

Kammeyer K17k carbine
A favourite of the Imperiale Garde and special operations units, the K17k ultra-short carbine is a sub-machine gun in size, but a carbine by design, being simply a shortened version of the K17 rifle. While the "long" K17 fell into disuse except among target shooters, the short K17k is well-liked for its ease of handling, light weight and maneuverability in small spaces (I.e. urban combat). One of the downsides is the need for uncommon ammunition and lots of recoil in automatic fire mode.

Length: 47 cm (18,5")
Barrel length: 30 cm (11,8 ")
Weight: 1,6 kg
Ammunition: 5x33 mm, 35 round magazine
Muzzle velocity: 803 m/s
Muzzle energy: 1316 J
Maximum combat range: 200 m

Imptec SSG14 Sniper Rifle

A dedicated sniper rifle, the SSG14 is a recent design from 2014. The bolt-action rifle has a six round detachable box magazine. With its 70 cm long barrel and muzzle break, the SSG14 is an unwieldy weapon. It makes this up with enhanced precision. And sniper variant of the Augmented Optical Reality sight of the M22 is used as primary scope. It has a variable magnification between 1x and 24x.

Length: 116 cm
Barrel length: 70 cm
Weight: 5,1 kg
Ammunition: 8,5 x 70 mm, 6 round magazine
Muzzle velocity: 978 m/s
Muzzle energy: 5230 J
Maximum combat range: 1100 m

Imptec MG-11

A general purpose machine-gun, designed in 2011 but based on older models dating back to the 1950s'. The doctrine of the Imperiales Heer gives the machine-gun centre stage in all defensive and large scale operations. In keeping with this doctrine, the MG-11 is designed with a focus on superior firepower and sustainability of a high volume of fire. A quick barrrel-exchance mechanism means that overheating is less of a problem for this air-cooled weapon than running out of ammo. The MG-11 is always carried by an entire team of four, including several exchange barrels, a tripod and boxes of ammo. It is typically fitted with a variant of the Augmented Optical Reality sight.

Length: 115 cm (45")
Barrel length: 63 cm (24.8")
Weight: 10,2 kg (empty, without accessories)
Ammunition: 6.5x60 mm, belt fed
Rate of fire: 1000 RPM
Muzzle velocity: 1078 m/s
Muzzle energy: 3112 J
Maximum combat range: 1000 m

IWM PA-9 Panzerfaust

Standard anti-tank weapon in the Imperial Armed Forces, this recoilless rifle is quite adaptable by offering a variety of ammunition and is exceptionally lightweight. Beware of the backblast!

Length: 102 cm (40,2")
Barrel length: 90 cm (35,4")
Weight: 7,7 kg

  • PA-9S High-explosive Anti-Armour charge (2,3 kg)

  • PA-9P High-explosive grenade (1,8 kg)

  • PA-9Z Armour penetration shaped charge (2,5 kg)

  • PA-9R Smoke grenade for battlefield obscuration (1,1 kg)

  • PA-9T plastic training dart (0,8 kg)

Maximum combat range: 1000 m (stationary target, no wind. Realistic range on moving tanks is about 200 m)

Leestcheck University LL9 Point defense laser
A highly useful defensive weapon, the LL9 laser consists of a pyramid shaped base with a fusion energy cell and highly movable 20 kW Laser on top, including a short range ultrasound sensor for detection of incoming projectiles. A targeting computer turns the ultrasound sensor input into targeting information.
The weapon is placed on even ground and then activated. It targets incoming grenades automatically and shoots them down. It overhearts quickly and needs an additional cooling unit for sustained fire. Realistically, only hand-thrown grenades and slow moving anti-tank RPGs can be shot down with a high level of success, while underbarrel grenades or are often too fast for the system to hit.
The energy cell is depleted after about 150 shots and will then need to be replaced. The targeting sensor cannot discern between "friendly" and "enemy" grenades and will target all of them.

It started out as science project by Leestcheck University and is still manufactured by them.

See also "Skylancer class frigate" under "Ship classes of the Imperial Navy" for a ship with similar capabilities. Note that the LL9 is in many ways a "scaled down" variant of the 5 MW "Illuminator" naval laser.

Diameter: 80 cm (31,5") at the base
Height: 76 cm (30")
Weight: 25 kg (cooling unit weights another 10 kg)
Ammunition: LEZ9 Laser energy cell (3 kg each, worth about 150 shots)
Maximum combat range: About 100 m.

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