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Airplanes of the Imperium

The following is a list of airplanes in use by the Leonistisches Imperium and will be expanded as new planes appear and more details become known.

B7 "Viper" (originally: Viper B.7)

Twin-engined, two-seat modern tactical bomber designed by the Thunderchild Aircraft Corporation in Loftegen 2 and used as Viper B.7 in the Republican Federation Airforce. After getting first-hand experience with these airplanes during the joint exercise Schedule 2019 in Loftegen, the Luftwaffe decided to buy a batch of 100 aircraft from Loftegen and produce a further 200 aircraft locally under license. This was the first time the Luftwaffe used a foreign-designed aircraft in decades.
The B7 will replace the aging B18 as a stopgap measure, until an advanced fusion-powered craft in the manner of the R44 can fill this role.

A trainer variant, the B7Tr (originally: Viper BT.3) also exists, with an enlarged cockpit featuring two rows of two seats each, which are freely configurable to seat the pilot, Weapon Systems Officer and instructors anywhere as desired.

Type: Supersonic bomber
Role: Multirole tactical bomber, light strategic bomber
Length: 24m
Wingspan: 10 m
Crew: 2
Engines: 2x Engine Alliance Mk14 turbofan with afterburners (original variant) OR 2x ImpTec ÜS170B turbofan with afterburners (locally built variant)
Cruise speed: Mach 1.8
Range: 5500 km

  • 2x LLR19 air-to-air missiles

  • 4x LBR55 air-to-surface missiles

  • up to 12 tons of bombs (UGB250 unguided 250kg bombs, UGB500 unguided 500 kg bombs, LLB425 laser guided 425kg bombs)

  • the aircraft are still capable to carry and deploy several types of Loftegen-made nuclear weapons. Leonism does no longer field WMDs, officially.

B18 "Hammer"

A 40 year old medium bomber with variable sweep wings. The ageing design was due to be replaced ten years ago, but the design studies underway were scrapped with the imminent arrival of workable aviation fusion-reactors, which made the entire design process obsolete. The creation of the R44 "Würger" consumed all resources necessary for the creation of a new fusion-powered aircraft, further delaying the production of any replacement for the venerable B18. The B7 (see above) is now being delivered as a stopgap replacement.
The design of the B18 itself was top of the line when it first flew, a sturdy and heavily armed and armoured aircraft.

Type: Supersonic bomber
Role: Medium bomber, High altitude bomber
Length: 24 m
Wingspan: 19 m (fully extended)
Crew: 2 pilots
Engines: 2x IFW T500 turbofan engines with afterburners
Cruise speed: 900 km/h, Mach 1.6 with afterburners
Service ceiling: 19000 m
Range: 5000 km in subsonic cruise, 2300 km in supersonice cruise

  • 16x LBR30 air-to-surface missiles

  • 4x LLR16 air-to-air missiles for self defense

  • up to 15 tons of bombs (UGB250 unguided 250kg bombs, UGB500 unguided 500 kg bombs, LLB425 laser guided 425kg bombs)

  • provisions for the carrying of the 12 ton FB25 nuclear fusion bombs with 25 Megatons yield do exist. Leonism does officially no longer have WMDs.

F148 "Kranich"

An older design, this is one of the most elegant looking aircraft in Lazarus. Most notable for its variable sweep wings which allow for a more "delta"-like shape in supersonic cruise, while the aircraft looks less unusual on approach and landing with the wings fully extended.

Type: Supersonic airliner
Role: VIP transport, luxury airliner
Length: 56 m
Wingspan: 49 m (fully extended)
Crew: 3 pilots
Seats: Up to 210 in an all "business class" configuration (the economy class is outlawed in Leonism as a crime against humanity)
Engines: 2x IFW S900 afterburning turbojets
Cruise speed: Mach 1.5
Service ceiling: 18000 m
Range: 10500 km
Armament: None. VIP transport versions are sometimes equipped with anti-missile systems, a mixture of "chaff" and "flares".

R21 "Spatz"

A reconaissance plane that excels at that role and little else.

Type: Military high-altitude manned recon aircraft
Role: Scout, strategic espionage
Length: 31 m
Wingspan: 45 m
Crew: 1 pilot
Seats: 2
Engines: 2x Imptec M80 turbofans
Cruise speed: 800 km/h
Service ceiling: 22000 m
Range: 6600 km
Armament: None. It is full of high-resolution cameras though.

R22 "Falke"

Multirole combat aircraft of conventional design. A "T" variant exists (Träger), modified for aircraft carrier use.

Type: Jet fighter
Role: Fighter, Interceptor, Light bomber
Length: 18 m
Wingspan: 10 m
Crew: 1 pilot
Engine: 1x Imptec ÜS150 turbofan with afterburners
Cruise speed: Mach 1.6
Service ceiling: 16000 m
Range: 1500 km
Armament: 4x LLR18 air-to-air missiles, 4x LBR55 air-to-surface missiles, 16x UR50 unguided 50 mm rockets, 2x MK66 66mm machine cannons with 200 shells each.

R44 "Würger"

Advanced fusion-reactor powered aerospace fighter. While already fielded in increasing numbers, the currently built design is actually preliminary and lacks many advanced components planned for the final version. It is already exceptionally powerful.

Type: Fusion-powered aerospace fighter
Role: Heavy long range fighter. Space fighter. Missile boat.
Length: 29 m
Wingspan: 19 m
Crew: 1 pilot
Seats: 2
Engines: 2x ImpTec UdI TI50 ion engines linked to the M50 fusion reactor
Cruise speed: about 7000 km/h
Service ceiling: Unlimited
Range: 50000 km in the atmosphere, much longer in space
Armament: 24x LLR19 air-to-air missiles, 16x LBR55 air-to-surface missiles, 4x ASR33 anti-ship missiles, 96x UR50 50 mm unguided rockets, 2x 5 MW "Illuminator" Lasers.

T140 "Schildkröte"

Conventional high-wing medium-sized military transport plane, capable of ferrying up to 100 fully armed combat troops or 2 wheeled armoured vehicles.

Type: Military transport aircraft
Role: Mid-range troop transport
Length: 40 m
Wingspan: 41 m
Crew: 2 pilots
Seats: 104
Engines: 2x IFW A750 turbojet engines
Cruise speed: 790 km/h
Service ceiling: 11000 m
Range: 7900 km
Armament: 1x 5 MW "Illuminator" point defense laser. Anti-missile system.

T190 "Mammut"

Six-engined oversized transport aircraft for bulky cargo. Ugly yet capable of carrying up to 300 tons of cargo.

Type: Military transport aircraft
Role: Long-range strategic air transport, cargo aircraft for bulky cargo
Length: 78 m
Wingspan: 80 m
Crew: 2 pilots, 2 technicians
Seats: Up to 330 when installed. Usually a majority of the seats are removed for additional cargo space.
Engines: 6x IFW A3000 oversized turbojet engines
Cruise speed: 830 km/h
Service ceiling: 9900 m
Range: 14000 km
Armament: Anti-missile system.

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