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Fog of War - The Exploration of Lazarus


Having isolated itself from the rest of the world for decades, the Imperium of Leonism lost contact to all other nations over time. The knowledge of geography beyond the borders suffered extremely, so that only ancient maps from before the Isolation exist. This means that after having opened Leonism to the world again in November 2018, the government must now "rediscover" Lazarus. For this purpose scout planes and ships have been sent out to establish first contact with other, forgotten nations. The captains of these vessels are authorized to establish diplomatic relations and usually prepare the way for trained diplomats from the Außenministerium (foreign ministry).

Note: The geography of the map of Lazarus has been heavily altered in autumn 2020, which makes many past relationships and discoveries irrelevant.

Fog of War
"Fog of war" is a military concept, popularised in strategy games, that describes how knowledge about what is happening in a certain region depends on own units being present or recently having been present there. Simply put, you don't know anything about places where none of your own people have been.

Despite individual citizens leaving the border even during the Isolation, the basic assumption is that all territories outside the Imperium of Leonism borders are unknown. This changes as scout forces reach new nations and establish contact, or whenever other nations contact Leonism. Said nations will then be "known" territory. If diplomatic relations improve, they may in time become "friends" or "allies", and knowledge about what is going on there will improve greatly, permanently lifting the "fog of war".

Which nations does the Imperium of Leonism know about?

The following categories describe the knowledge about foreign nations in descending order: the earlier a country appears, the more is known about it and the better diplomatic relations are.

Allied Nations
Leonism has signed mutually beneficial agreements or treaties with these nations.

defunct Allies
These are former Imperial allies that are no longer active in the game

  • The copper states - Science and Research Treaty, Imperial Navy Base, trade agreement

  • Hycronesia - trade and non-aggression agreements, permanently based imperial navy detachment

  • Loftegen 3 - trade and military cooperation agreement, up to 1000 troops permanently based in each other's country

Nations with diplomatic relations
The Imperium has established an embassy in these nations, diplomatic channels are open for further negotiations, knowledge about the country is decent.

Former enemies
Leonism fought against these nations in the past

Hostile countries
The Imperium of Leonism is at war with these countries

  • None (as of 05 May 2021)

Vaguely known countries
Knowledge about these countries is sketchy at best, often hearsay from third parties. Their geographic location and borders may not be known exactly.

  • Aigania - mythical heaven of scientific progress

  • Guiness Freaks - the perpetually drunk nation formerly bordering Loftegen 3

  • Treadwellia - mythical powerhouse in the far east of Lazarus

Note that all nations that do not appear in these lists are unknown to the Imperium of Leonism and there should be some introductory roleplay before any plausible interaction can take place. Nations not situated on the map of Lazarus can also contact Leonism, though it should be made clear where they are roughly in relation to the Imperium.

If you disagree with your place on these lists (or lack of appearance), please contact the Imperial Foreign ministry via telegram.