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Leonism: A brief overview

Leonism is an ancient nation, founded in the year 2003 of the common calendar. For the first years of its existence, it was also one of the 1000 largest nations in NationStates. Its original region was somewhere in the Pacific, before it moved to the custom "Battle For Europe" region, now long since defunct and named after a "LinkDay of Defeat" tournament of the same name. Around 2007 Leonism became inactive on the international stage and isolated itself. It took over 12 years for the nation to re-emerge, this time in Lazarus. Leonism has been a continuously active nation since November 2018 now and has pleged allegiance to Lazarus.

The Imperium of Leonism sees itself as a liberal-democratic military state. ALL citizens are part of the military, no exceptions. Foreigners cannot become citizens at the moment. Free and fair elections take place regularly, though for obvious reasons the winning candidates are always part of the military. The political structure is federal, with each province having it's own parliament and sending delegates to the Senate.

There are three houses of parliament:
The Senat is the upper house and represents the provinces through locally elected members.
The Reichstag is the lower house and is elected in nationwide elections every 5 years.
The Konsulrat consists of all citizens who have reached the rank of Prokonsul II. Klasse or higher, is thus unelected and functions as an advisory to the Imperator Konsul.
All three chambers meet every 7 years to elect a new Imperator Konsul.

There are no political parties in a narrow sense of the word. The "Imperator Konsul" is both the head of state and head of government, it is also the highest military rank. He is assisted by a number of Vizekonsuln ("vice consuls"), all of whom earned this rank through countless promotions over years of dedicated service to the Imperium. The structure of the military is strongly meritocratic.

The Imperium calls itself "the Imperium", while the name "Leonism" is only used towards foreigners. Leonism itself is the English contraction of the prevailing political ideology, Leonismus in the native German language of Leonism. The full and native name of the country is actually Leonistisches Imperium (=leonistic empire).

The main focus of the government are education, science and military. A strong and publicly funded education system is seen as paramount to the success of the nation as a whole. Scientific research is seen as the main vehicle of societal progress. A strong military is regarded as being of upmost importance to maintaining and expanding the leonist way of life. Leonism does ultimately strive for world and intergalatic domination through continous expansion by political, cultural, economic and military means. Spacefaring capability is a foremost interest both from a scientific and military vantage point of the Imperium.

The economy is based on a capitalist system but with strong state influence to optimise the use of natural and human resources and promote worker's rights. The leonist ideology ultimately wants to replace the capitalist system once it has gained access to basically unlimited resources found in space, but an ordoliberal social-market economy seems to work best for its current needs.

Leonism is an anti-religious nation. Religions are regarded as backwards and "opium for the masses". Practice of religion is restricted to the private sphere, but no particular religions are singled out in any way.

Leonism has a national health service that provides the best possible medical care to everyone it can under its limited funding. A system called "Priorisierung" (=priorization) is in place which assigns funding according to the medical needs of the many. Prevention is seens as equally if not more important than primary treatment. The current Imperator Konsul himself has a medical degree.

As befits its ideology, the Imperium has a vast military. All citizens who are physically able have recieved at least basic military training. No exceptions based on gender or religion are possible. Conscientious objection is not possible. The military is organised in a fashion remniscient of the ancient Roman Empire, with Legionen (= legions) of around 6000 men being the main strategic element around which the army is formed. Both a Luftwaffe (air force) and a Raumwaffe (space force) exist, while the Marine (navy) is vast but underdeveloped. The army is heavily mechanized, based around advanced Panzer tank units. Energy weapons of various kinds are highly sought after by imperial Generals.

The national animal is the Blaumeise. Despite various confusing accounts above these creatures in NationStates media, these are ultimately just small but beautiful songbirds which go by the weird English name blue tit. The species is protected and almost regarded as holy, hurting or even not helping them are heavily frowned upon in imperial culture.

As a member of Lazarus, the Imperium pursues a friendly and supportive policy towards most of its neighbouring states, seeking their approval in the World Assembly and working to stabilize the region and increase its influence on the world stage.

Imperator Konsul Leo I.
7 of April 2019 of the common calendar
Updated 8 of May 2019