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A story of creation

Here is a little story on how the world came to be:

Around 1 billion years ago, two moons were floating around in space. Nare, and Prenov. Both were brothers and they wanted to be able to orbit something. So, Prenov had an idea.

“Why don't we ask all the planets and stars to give us a small amount of their stuff?”

Nare thought for a moment and said, “That sounds like a great idea!”

So then, the two moons asked all the planets and stars in their galaxy to give them some of their materials. Then, they constructed their own little solar system, and they liked it. So, since they wanted to orbit one, they had to choose which.

“Hm, how about the closest one?” asked Prenov.
”No, it seems too hot, we might melt.”

So, after that they couldn't find one they liked so, they decided, why not instead create a new planet to orbit? They wanted to make it special, so they added some water to the planet. Then, they added some grass, and trees. Then, they created animals, and then made air for them to breathe. And they thought the planet was good enough and were about to begin to orbit it until Prenov asks:

“How about we make something that is smart, so we can watch them, so we don't get bored?”
“That's a wonderful idea, let's make it!” Said Nare.

So then after they did that, they locked themselves to orbit, and sleep at the day, and wake up at night to collect some energy before they woke up.

The end.