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Tropes of Las Palmeras

  • LinkAll Men Are Perverts- Many neko are under the idea that all foreign men are insatiable and lecherous. Others think that all humans in general are over-sexed.

  • LinkThe Bad Guy Wins- Nazi Germany defeats France in 1940, forces PM Halifax of the UK to sign a truce and defeats the USSR in 1944, finishes the Final Solution and starts Generalplan Ost and secures dominance of continental least for a decade.

  • LinkCat Girl- Perhaps the most obvious thing about a lot of the inhabitants of Las Palmeras. They only exist in the Palmeran Island (Atlantis?) and in Japan; though the HRE sent many to Austria, Germany, and Spain.LinkIt's questionable if they're native to Earth. Catboys also exist, however there's a gender gap.

    Their uniqueness led to centuries of LinkRace Fetish. Doubled when Linkmaid uniforms were invented. Palmerans really hate the idea, so much that the entire country and former colonial government dedicated themselves to being LinkSpain's colonial auxiliaries to give the islands Linkanother image to not appear "weak". That and because of the mixed human-neko military aristocrats' Colonial-era Linkethos.

  • LinkChild Soldiers- In the distant past the neko were genetically engineered to have childish physical traits -and look cute and endearing- to invoke this image in opposing enemies, who'd likely hesitate to shoot more often and feel guilt even if they'd win engagements.

  • LinkDeadpan Snarker- The Palmerans have a reputation for this in Latin America and Spain, living under the threat of blockades and raids makes for a festive attitude. Our historical subservient position to Europeans as servants and within the Navy have made it a pastime and a coping mechanism, doubling the stereotype as Link Servile Snarkers.

  • LinkDirty Communists- Somewhat subverted; Las Palmeras occasionally trades with Red China.

  • LinkEagle Land- Mixed flavor; though the United States is showed as having opposing interests to LP, its not irrational in its intent. Usually. Despite their overbearing attitude to force their markets onto the world, the US is also rightfully seen as contributing a lot to re-construction of the Post-War Europe and forming the United Nations.

    Most tourists in the Palmeran Isle are seen as Type 2 (Boorish Americans) though.

  • LinkEven Evil Has Standards- Adolf Hitler is remembered as being less obsessed over genocide than his successor, Heinrich Himmler, whom also had no qualms using chemical weapons or destroying non-replaceable cultural herritage in mainland Europe during the Great Continuation War (1950-1952).

  • LinkFoe Yay- On a geopolitical and cultural level towards the British Empire from the 1530s to the 1860s. Our colonial-era fixation with attempting to beat Great Britain and/or defend our island and Linkzealously deny that pleasure to metropole Spain, seen as unworthy and incompetent. See Worthy Opponent below.

  • LinkGermans Love David Hasselhoff- Due to the nekomimi gender roles when it comes to dandy men, lax views on cross-dressing and mythological "trans" themes, Ranma ½ became a sensational hit.

  • LinkGrey and Gray Morality - How Las Palmeras' occasional friction with the USA. Most international relations are also seen this way, most of the time.

  • LinkHalf-Human Hybrid- Neko and humans can have children. It accounts for a large deal of the population. There is a reason why....

  • LinkHuman Subspecies- Though their origin is mysterious, the "neko" are essentially human.

  • LinkThe Jeeves- What we are stereotypically portrayed as.

  • LinkMen Are The Expendable Gender- Completely subverted because of the neko's sex ratio. This is so defied that unmarried women without children often dressed in drag and were pressed into the Colonial militia in sex-segregated units. In desperate defenses, the military aristocracy saw their lives as Linkequal to that of any other subordinate.

  • Link Nominal Hero

  • LinkPolitically Incorrect Hero- Palmeran society on a whole, though this didn't occur overnight and has to do with centuries of invasions, being treated as servants, Western racial stereotypes and the Spanish colonial caste system.

    ...stereotyping all White men as sex maniacs and white women as jealous and frigid, considering Africans to be at the bottom of a racialized social hierarchy, and many older generations having a bitter dislike of the Japanese simply for stealing the spotlight.

    Yours truly considers it ironically funny because Palmerans don't like being seen as cute maids, spicy señoritas, or being clumped up with the rest of Latin America.

  • LinkSunshine Noir - The general setting of the world can be seen as this.

  • LinkUnreliable Narrator - Too many characters to count. That and the Ministry of State Security.

  • LinkVoluntary Vassal - The Tohorinese Empire's relation to the Spanish Empire. What would become Las Palmeras.

  • LinkA World Half Full- Half of Europe is salted and burned down, thanks to the retreating Waffen SS armies under Himmler, +65 million people were murdered in Eastern Europe by the Nazis as part of Generalplan Ost, Israel doesn't exist as a nation, and a lot of Europe's cultural heritage was intentionally destroyed. And Nazi Germany got nuked into non-existence in 1952, killing 35 million people and a further 10 million because of the effects of radiation.

    On the other hand, Latin America is full of several vibrant 1st World economies like Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, Africa fared better during de-colonization and is less poor, India is on the path to becoming future world superpower, and a unified Korea is an economic dynamo behind Japan.

  • Worthy Opponent - The Tohorinese Empire considered Hernán Cortes to be this. Later on as vassals to Spain, the British were considered this from the 17th Century to the early 19th Century. Francis Drake, the Raleigh brothers and the Lord Heathfield deserve a special mention.

  • Work in progress...

Special thanks to Hinodia for making a factbook like this one here.