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Nicolas Furia, President of Langenia

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Nicolas Furia

Official portrait of Nicolas Furia, with the banner of the presidency behind him.

President of Langenia

In office: June 1, 2014-present

Preceded by: Joaquin Avila
Succeeded by: Nicolas Furia is still in office

Premier of Langenia

In office: 2013-2014

Preceded by: [REDACTED]
Succeeded by: Nicolas Furia is still in office

General Secretary of the Republican Party of Langenia

In office: May 25, 2014-present

Preceded by: Joaquin Avila
Succeeded by: Nicolas Furia is still in office

Minister of Public Security

In office: August 25, 2012-April 9, 2013

Preceded by: Santiago Rivas
Succeeded by: Julieta Padilla

Secretary of the National Security Council

In office: January 25, 2013-December 1, 2014

Preceded by: Santiago Rivas
Succeeded by: Julieta Padilla

Personal Details

Born: Nicolas Pablo Furia
21 March 1976
Cartagena, Langenia

Political Party: Republican Party of Langenia (2007-present)

Spouse: Isabella Furia (m. 2001)

Children: Diego Furia (b. 2006), Sofia Furia (b. 2008)

Residence: Presidential Palace, Aragon

Education: Aragon Santiago University

Website: Website

Military Service

Years of Service: 1990-2006

Branch/Service: Langenian Air Force (1990-1991, 1992-2006), Langenian Army (1991-1992)

Rank: Colonel

Gulf War
Caribbean War
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Central-Atlantic War

Nicolas Pablo Furia (born March 21, 1972) is a Langenian politician and former military officer who has served as President of Langenia and General Secretary of the Republican Party of Langenia since 2014. He also served as Minister of Public Security from 2012 to 2013, Premier of Langenia from 2013 to 2014, and Secretary of the National Security Council from 2013 to 2014. Finally, he was a deputy in the Grand National Assembly from 2006 to 2010.

Furia was born in Aragon and studied law at Aragon Santiago University from 1990 to 1996. He joined the Langenian National Air Force Academy of the Langenian Air Force in 1990 and graduated in 1994. In 1991 he was drafted into the army into the army and trained as a tank commander. He served in this role during the Gulf War and was discharged from the army in 1992. He met his wife Isabella Furia, who was an exchange student from the US, during his time at Aragon Santiago University. He was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the Langenian Air Force following his graduation from the air force academy in 1994. He would serve with distinction in the military the next 12 years, even completing some stints with the Langenian National Navy naval aviation. He joined the Republican Party of Langenia (RPL) in 2000 and began to rise to political prominence from here with the help of his relatives. He became a deputy in the Grand National Assembly in 2006 after retiring from the military with the rank of colonel. He joined the administration of President Joaquin Avila and rose through the ranks quickly from his political talent, becoming close to Avila, until he succeeded Avila as President upon the latter's retirement from politics in 2014. Since then, Furia has sought to make Langenia a great power on the world stage, intervening in other countries, building up military power, growing the economy, etc. Observers have widely reported a cult of personality developing around him, however at home he remains widely popular for the benefits he has brought to the country, for example preventing Langenia from being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, curbing corruption, and improving living conditions and the economy.

Early Life

Nicolas Furia was born in Cartagena, Langenia, a coastal Pacific city in the region of Colombia, on March 21st, 1972. Both of his parents were prominent politicians within the Republican Party of Langenia. Furia had a younger brother (Ricardo Furia) and a older sister. He attended local elementary school near his home in Cartagena. When he started middle school his parents enrolled him in a Catholic school, which he attended until graduating to college. He went to Langenia's most prestigious university, Aragon Santiago University, in Aragon, the capital of Langenia, to study law. Here he met his future spouse: Isabella Furia, an exchange student from Spain. At the same time, with the encouragement of his father he enrolled in the National Air Force Academy, in 1990. He balanced his civilian studies and military life from this point. He was drafted into the army in 1991 and sent to fight in the Gulf War. He would serve with distinction as a tank driver and commander during the war, and was discharged from the army in 1992. He graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1994 and from Aragon Santiago University in 1996. His military service in the air force is also considered by many to be distinguished, with his learning to fly different models of fighters (in his military career he flew the Su-22, the Su-27, the Mig-29, the F-16, C-21, and C-19 fighters), achieving ace status (he had 6 confirmed kills and 4 shared victories; all gained during the Carribean and Central-Atlantic Wars), and flying many combat missions against enemy forces. He also was briefly part of the LAF Regiment, the ground force of the Langenian Air Force, and this had him see combat as a forward air controller in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, and also fought in the Central-Atlantic War as well. However, his sterling service record came at a price: he was shot down once in combat, once in the Central-Atlantic War, the incident leaving him injured, but he recovered. In 2006 he retired from military service to focus on his political career.

Rise in Politics

In 2000 Furia joined the Republican Party of Langenia (RPL), the same party his parents were a part of. The RPL has been the ruling party of Langenia since 1949. He joined the municipal administration of his hometown Cartagena. In 2006 after his retirement from the military he became active in the municipal administration of Cartagena, later becoming its deputy in the Grand National Assembly. In 2010 he moved to Aragon to join the administration of President Joaquin Avila. For his studying law during his time at Aragon Santiago University, Avila made him an advisor concerning law and order. This position made him close to several military, intelligence, and police heads, which would later prove to be vital to him later in his political career. He occupied this position until 2011. In 2011 Furia was appointed Chief of the Presidential Staff. In 2011 he was made part of Avila's national security team, with his post concerning counterterrorism and law and order. While in Aragon Furia also successfully ran and became a deputy in the Grand National Assembly. In 2012 Avila appointed him Minister of Public Security. This cabinet post would serve as a launchpad that would prove important on Furia's rise to the presidency. 2013 started with Avila appointing Furia as head of his national security team. By this time Furia had become close to Avila, and the latter declared his approval of Furia as his successor. With the approval of the National Assembly Furia was also made Premier of the country. Finally, Avila retired at the end of his term in 2014. He was succeeded by Furia after the 2014 presidential election. Furia had gone from relative obscurity to the national spotlight in the past four years, and was popularly seen as a young, charismatic leader capable of bringing much positive change to the country.


Once Furia had settled into his role he immediately got to work. At the beginning of his rule he managed to completely bring Langenia out of the recession caused by the 2008 international economic crisis. Despite relations with the US being strained at the start of his administration he managed to reconcile with the Americans at the beginning of the Trump administration and maintain Langenia's major non-NATO ally status gained during the early 2000s at the beginning of the War on Terror. In addition, the relationship with the Russians became stronger under Furia's rule to a level not seen since the middle of the Cold War, at the height of the Langenian-Soviet alliance. He has played a careful tiptoe game around the US-Russia rivalry, maintaining friendly relations with both countries. Furia has been wary of the People's Republic of China's growing power in the Pacific and globally and has sought to counter that, expanding Langenian influence abroad and projecting power, joining the United States in containment of Xi Jinping's China, improving relations with the Americans even more. He is also supportive of a strong armed forces, to which he has allocated more funds to their budget and provided with brand-new equipment.

Observers have noted he maintains an excellent relationship with the armed forces and intelligence agencies. At home, he is supportive of conservative policies, popular among the vehemently conservative Langenian population. At the start of his rule he initiated an anti-corruption campaign, declaring corruption a "disease" in Langenia. Critics have called it a tool to purge his political rivals, but supporters say it has curbed corruption in Langenia. Furia maintains a vehement pro-life stance, which he says that nothing will make him change. He is considered a controversial figure. Critics of Furia call him an autocrat and right-wing dictator responsible for the deterioration of human rights in Langenia, citing an increase in surveillance and censorship, the development of a cult of personality, the incorporation of his political thoughts into state and party ideology, the virtually unchecked power of the military and intelligence, and the removal of term limits. However, others call him a people's strongman, citing his support from the majority of the Langenian people, who are known for their conservatism and thus supportive of his policies, as well as improving living conditions in Langenia, destruction of anarchist and terrorist groups, protecting them from COVID-19, an anti-corruption campaign, and the rapid economic growth that has turned Langenia into one of the most powerful economies in the world.

Personal Information

Furia married Isabella Fuentes, the daughter of a wealthy Spanish businessman and American businesswoman, in 2001. They met in the 1990s, when Isabella was an exchange student from the US at Aragon Santiago University. Initially the couple frequently lived apart due to their professional lives, Isabella participating in her family's business while Furia continued his military service. However, they reportedly remained close to each other and always have been. They have two children: a son named Diego Furia, born in 2006, and a daughter named Sofia Furia, born in 2008. The family has four dogs: a Golden Retriever, a Shiba Inu, an Akita, and a Peruvian viringo. The family has homes in the Presidential Palace in Aragon, an estate in suburban areas west of Aragon, considered the suburban residence of the President of Langenia, and a retreat in eastern Langenia, in the Amazon jungle beside the river.

Isabella has played an obvious role as First Lady, hosting high-profile foreign guests in Langenia, and it is reported she may have some political influence of her own. Furia's family is said to have multiple business interests, but it is said that he does not participate in them. Observers note that his family has sold some of their assets amid Furia's anti-corruption campaign.

People close to him describe as hard-working, waking up early and staying up late. He is said to be friendly and nice, but when given proper incentive can be terrifying with his temper. They also describe as serious and focused, able to remain on task and an excellent problem-solver. He is said to be uncompromising, able to force those arguing against him into allowing his goals to pass. Finally, he is interested in literature and film.

Personal Trivia

  • >Yes, Furia did hit himself in the face with a rifle during his military training in 1991.
    >Yes, he did destroy much of a forest during training at the National Army of Langenia Armor School.
    >Yes, his wife did dunk him in cold water at the SoMac Christmas Fete, and he got drunk there for the first time in his life as well.
    >Yes, if you enrage him you're going to have problems.
    >Finally, yes, the picture is none other than Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador.

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