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Government in Langenia (Heavily WIP, don't believe what's written here)

Executive Branch: The President and cabinet

The head of state of Langenia is the President of Langenia, Nicolas Furia, and his cabinet is led by the Prime Minister of Langenia, who is the head of government. According to the constitution, the President is the military commander-in-chief. The cabinet ministers include the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of National Defense, the Minister of State Security, the Minister of Public Security, the Minister of Public Health, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Transportation, the Minister of Labor, the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, the Minister of Finance and the Treasury, the Minister of Commerce and Trade, the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Ecology and the Environment, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Justice, the Minister of Agriculture, and the Minister of Science and Technology. Also, there are different agencies that are subordinate to the some of the ministries, as well as state-owned companies owned by the ministries. In addition, there are councils of advisors to the President, such as the Security Council of Langenia, overseeing national security affairs.

Legislative branch: Grand National Assembly

The Grand National Assembly is the legislative branch of the Langenian government. It has 235 seats and a member of the GNA is called a deputy. The premier is also the President of the GNA.

Judicial branch: Grand Supreme Court

The Grand Supreme Court is the judicial branch of the Langenian government. It is the highest court in the country. It has 20 seats and is divided into four chambers for different types of cases, with 5 judges each. A chamber leader is called the Chief Judge. The court's leader is called the Supreme Judge of the GSC.