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History of the Economic District of Lakanaba

Early History of the Economic District of Lakanaba, as written by Chief Merchant Torneko Taloon

Lakanaba is a small town located north of Endor and east of Vrenor. The whole area was in a slump until yours truly decided to shake things up!

The region is made of many small towns and kingdoms. Each kingdom has it's own leaders, culture, and dialect.

The locals in this area worship the Zenithians. It's not related to any other religion as much as I know, but those weird out-of-towners say its similar to a combination of Catholicism and Buddhism.

My adventures had a great effect on the local economy, and the towns started really growing. The Kings were so grateful they wanted me to be in charge of the regional economic group. I was really happy to do it, since they didn't expect me to stop adventuring, or anything silly like that.

On October 30, 2014, a huge hoard of zombies invaded The North Pacific! Not the fiercest beasties I've ever seen, but the large numbers of them caused a right problem, even for the regions with those over-powerful demon-magic weapons. I joined the troops in battle, and sent those zombies back to the earth they arose from. It was a grand fight!

We even won an award for our efforts in battle. Its great to be recognized, but I'm kinda surprised they noticed us.

Recent History of Lakanaba

For a few years, scientists from Disco Empire had been studying the planet. They had limited contact with the citizens, primarily Chief Merchant Torneko Taloon, because he was well-traveled and didn't assume that everyone who looked different was a demon.

The planet was impossibly primitive for a planet with such an amazing economy and culture. It was doing so well, there was no need to progress past the Medieval era.

Sometime around September 26, 2015, a large number of aliens came to the planet, unaware it was inhabited. Naturally, the population panicked. Most of the native population either fled to isolated regions, or were killed in battle. A few people attempt to live and work with the aliens, but the technology gap is a terrible problem. Torneko Taloon is rumored to be still be around, using an assumed name.

The United Federation of Planets, outraged by this, stepped in to help. They were having problems of their own, and moved their operations to the area.