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The Queensdom of
Authoritarian Democracy

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OOC Factbook

The basics:

Name: Laka, my real name is [message my discord to find out]
Birthday: 21st of March
Home: Moscow
Race: Mixed-race, 50% black 50% white
Ethnicity: 50% Cameroun (Yaounde), 25% Ingush, 12,5% Ukrainian, 12,5% other
Nationality: Russian Citizen
Species: Abomination
Sex: Male
Gender: Hetero
Pronouns: He/His
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 19,5
Religion: Russian Orthodoxy
Party affiliation: No current party affiliation, views come close to old-school members of the CPC (pre-reformists) and some left-leaning nationalist minor parties
Languages: Russian, English, some Japanese and German
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Political Spectrum Quiz
Economic Left/Right: -7.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian:
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RP details
Laka is basically a parody of my views, especially my strange relationship with nazis and German stuff in all. No, they donít execute people without trial for treason in the metropoly, however the colonies are a completely different storyÖ No, I donít support national socialism I just like their uniforms and the general atmosphere of dread and hopelessness
For and against (will expand)
For: Cultural Nationalism, Enlightened Authoritarianism, Command Economy, Collectivism, Machiavellism, National Communism, Total Equality of Sexes, Stoicism, Altruism, Russian Imperialism, Internet Piracy, Nuclear Energy and Weapons, Death Penalty
Mixed: Freedom of Speech, Animal Rights, Populism, Democracy, Total War, Environmentalism, Racism
Against: ďTheirĒ in singular, Privacy, Secularism, Zionism, Capitalism, Abortion, LGBTQ+ in itís modern sense and implication, Critical Racial Theory, Individualism, Internationalism, Sunni Islam, Zionism, Personal Privacy and Rights, Legalizarion of any drugs, Nazis, Existing
Phone number: TG me and Iíll send you one
Address: TG me and Iíll send you it
VK: Message me on discord cause my page is filled with memes that break the site rules and posting direct links here violates them. Staying out of trouble!
Discord: Парале Марк#2470 (copy and paste)