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The Martian Empire of
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Overview of the Martian Empire


The Martian Empire


Martian Empire

Motto: Mars Invicta


Sol, Solarian Reaches, Alpha Quadrant
Alessian Expanse, Delta Quadrant
Narthis Expanse, Beta Quadrant


Queenstown, Anseris Province, Mars, Sol

Official Language

English, Nalari




Constitutional Monarchy
and Parliamentary Democracy


- Empress Nerys Gloriana (HoS)
- Prime Minister Cora Rowland (HoG)




- Total

93 Billion


- Total
- Per Capita

5.15 quadrillion ($5.4 quadrillion)
55,392 ($58,162)


Martian Pound ()


The Martian Empire, known simply as Mars, is a sovereign nation and galactic empire originating from Sol and comprising of territories across multiple quadrants in the galaxy. The Empire is home to 93 billion people of multiple species with the largest groups being human and nalari. Martian territories can be found in Sol, the Solarian Reaches, and the Delta Quadrant.

The Empire is a Linkunitary Linkparliamentary democracy and Linkconstitutional monarchy. The Linkmonarch is Empress Nerys Gloriana, who has reigned since 2200. The Empire's capital is Queenstown, its most populous city, with the next largest cities being Hypatia, Caracalla, and Port Anseris.

The Empire is a founding member of the Martian Forum, the Martian Commonwealth, the Mutual Prosperity Treaty Bloc, the Martian Transit Treaty Organisation, and Lakon 5; and a member of the Martian Postal Union.

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The Martian Empire has a Linkparliamentary government led by a LinkPrime Minister under an Linkelective Linkconstitutional monarchy. Parliament, the nation's Linklegislature, is comprised of two houses: an elected House of Commons, and an appointed Governors-General. All bills passed by Parliament require Linkimperial assent to become law.

The nation has an Linkuncodified constitution defined by conventions, procedures, and acts of Parliament. The Supreme Court is responsible for overseeing cases of great public or constitutional importance, and resolving matters between the various territories of the Empire. The monarch exercises considerable power in national affairs through the Linkimperial prerogative, though some powers are constitutionally limited by Parliament.

The Empire is divided into regions known as stellarates covering multiple Linksystems which are governed by an appointed Governor. These stellarates are further divided into systems, Linkplanets, and Linkprovinces. A great deal of autonomy is permitted in the Martian Empire, with systems being allowed to govern themselves through a process known as Linkresponsible government.

As a unitary state, the imperial government is mainly responsible for national defence, commerce, and other national affairs while stellarates are allowed to manage their own domestic politics. Stellarates cannot pass laws that contradict imperial law, and the imperial government can expand or limit the regional powers of these regions. Most provincial governments are democratically elected, and elect representatives to Parliament.

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The Imperial Martian Navy, known domestically as the Thassa, is the main military and naval arm of the imperial government and responsible for the national defence and security of the Empire. The IMN is led by an appointed Grand Admiral, and managed by an Admiralty. The monarch serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Overall, the IMN is a small, but technologically advanced naval force, comprised of fifteen different fleets totalling around forty-two thousand warships. Historically low manpower has pressed Martian development to focus on using greater automation and technological advancements to maintain an edge in naval operations. These policies have greatly affected overall naval doctrine with greater importance being applied to indirect warfare, surgical strikes, and an avoidance of protracted planetary conflict.

The Imperial Marines are the main combat force of the armed forces, replacing the more traditional Martian Army. Marine units are frequently attached to IMN warships and are responsible for maintaining ship-security, performing boarding missions, and conducting limited ground operations. As a ground combat force, Marine Expeditionary Units engage in specialised warfare to cripple enemy fortifications, and weaken enemy resistance.

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The Martian Empire has a mixed market post-scarcity economy that is heavily automated with major markets being organised into tripartite corporations to balance union, corporate, and state interests. The economy follows a social corporatist model of economics with great focus on protecting the rights of the consumer. Regulatory authorities and audit agencies manage much of the markets, cracking down on union and corporate corruption.

The currency of the Empire is the Martian Pound (), a fiat currency that measures its purchasing power to that of the universal standard denominator (USD), the average value of galactic currencies. The Imperial Reserve manages inflation by adjusting interest rates, printing more money, and regulating the flow of domestic trade to maintain a supply and demand economy. The Empire is capable of producing most if not all of the basic needs for much of its population, and provides extensive social welfare programs including universal basic income and housing assistance.

Some industries are partially or wholly nationalised such as ship-building and arms manufacturing. The Empire maintains a policy of regulation and economic intervention on other industries and markets, notably to ensure fair competition and protect consumer rights. The imperial government has the power to mobilise the economy to respond to times of crisis or conflict, and maintains a policy that corporations must be allowed to fail as to not stifle innovation.

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