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The Meaning of "La Paz De Los Ricos"

The name "La Paz De Los Ricos" ("The Peace of the Riches" in Spanish) comes from the name given to the area settled by the Spanish in 1834. Originally named "Las Tierras Ricas" ("The Rich Lands" in Spanish). The area was named so due to its abundance in natural resources. The Spanish Empire treated the area as a mining and farming ground, and it wasn't used as an area of military importance. When the Spanish abandoned the colony in 1898 to fight the Spanish-American War, since they could not afford to keep the territory.

The native people then took the colony and divided it into three kingdoms, the "Tierra Rica" ("Rich Land" in Spanish) kingdom, a continuation of the original name, the "Sureste" ("Southeast" in Spanish) Kingdom, due to its location in the southeastern part of the territory, and the "Doraņa" ("Golden" in Novodoman, the new proto-Spanish language evolving on the islands) due to its abundance in gold deposits.

30 years later, the kingdoms united into "Las Tierras Ricas" again, and the new proto-Spanish began to phase out.

However, after 60 years of tense life as a united kingdom, Las Tierras Ricas fell apart again, this time into four states, "Jispania" (meaning "Spanish Lands" in Novodoman) due to its desire to return to a Spanish-style life (ironic), "Manilles" (unknown origin) which is the name of the island it was situated on, (Lesser)"Las Tierras Ricas", another continuation of the original name, and "Gran Dorado"("Great Golden" in Spanish) which referenced the fact that it was originally Doraņa, but had revived the Spanish name.

The states of Jispania and Las Tierras Ricas united as "La Paz De Las Tierras Ricas" ("The Peace of the Rich Lands" in Spanish) referencing the new era of peace that the unity hoped to spread across the land.

After the civil war, the regions finally united in 2004 as the famous name of "La Paz De Los Ricos." This is, of course, the Spanish version. The native Novodoman version would be "La Paz De Lo'Riʞos." The reason this name is not used and the Spanish one is used is since Novodoman is used mainly in Los Ricos, and the name would be confusing at summits and meetings with other, non-Novodoman speaking nations

In total, the nation has gone through six name transitions before now.

(Excludes the prefixes)