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The Excelsior Organized Pact of United Regions (outdated)

The Excelsior Pact, created on December 11, 2017, is an agreement between the founding members of Great Magos Archipelago and Terra Paradisia to form a new region of unity. The region was founded on an uninhabited region of land by La Paz de Los Ricos.

Before the E.P., La Paz de Los Ricos had resided in another region: Great Magos Archipelago. La Paz de Los Ricos was finishing rebuilding from its civil war, and had begun to flourish. One problem, however, was that the leader had taken over and established the state as a dictatorship. The state founded Great Magos Archipelago originally as a dictatorial-aligned region. The dictator was eased, however, and a constitutional monarchy was established. The region still lived on. This was a region of around 150 to 200 small islands, in an island chain close to the equator. The region was dying, however. Nations living in the archipelago ceased to exist, and La Paz de Los Ricos was searching for a solution to the growing problem. The most prevalent solution was simple: abandon the region and form a new one. In other words, start fresh and anew. The idea was to form an alliance with another region, preferably one who was new and starting out. There was one candidate: Terra Paradisia.

Terra Paradisia is what Nuvasduaer refers "the lands surrounding the nation." Outsiders have little to no recognition of most of the nations that hail from Terra Paradisia. A few nations are recognized by foreigners, however. For example, Lesparra is a republic ruled by a council of the region's most powerful pirates. Nuvasduaer, formerly a federal republic, was transformed to a dictatorship. Nuvas lodiar was formed by refugees and pilgrims who escaped the Nuvas homeland and established the new state. Ever since the Nuvas Revolution, the region was considered unsafe. Nations ruled by cartels of thieves were actually the safest to reside in. Nuvasduaer send sprisoners to the unsafe areas of the region as punishment.

La Paz de Los Ricos had close ties to Terra Paradisia's founder nation, Nuvasduaer, and had communicated the idea of forming a union. Nuvasduaer decided to accept. On December 11, 6:34 P.M. ET (11:34 P.M. GMT, 3:34 P.M. PT), Nuvasduaer and La Paz de Los Ricos met at the Nuvas City Summit and signed the Excelsior Organized Pact of United Regions, also known as the Excelsior Pact. This pact formed the unity between Great Magos Archipelago and Terra Paradisia.

The next issue was to find a suitable region to establish the Excelsior Pact's territory. Finally, they found it: a new region of several hundred islands which was perfect for establishing the region. The explorers planted a flag and declared the islands for themselves.

Nuvasduaer recently relinquished its claims on Terra Paradisia, which declared the region a null area.

La Paz de Los Ricos has done the same, and its remaining nations evacuated to The Excelsior Pact.

As of January 27, The Excelsior Pact encompasses twelve nations: La Paz de Los Ricos, Nuvasduaer, Nuvas lodiar, Montagones, Cowows, Kcsr, The arian nation, Ifpc, Baraico, Antocaluza, Lesparra, and Alpacastand.

(This factbook is relevant since January 27, 2018. Future dates may change the factbook.)