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Foreign Relations of Lave [Don't expect this worked on for a while too]

Foreign Relationships of Lave

The Republic of Lave maintains diplomatic relations through the Diplomatic Ministry of the Republic of Lave, which has operated since the foundation of the Republic in 2483. The Diplomatic Ministry is primarily tasked with preventing the deterioration of relations between Lave and other systems, including the superpowers of the Federation and the Empire, which still view Lave poorly, and with whom relations are notably cold. The Republic has consistently maintained relations with the 10 other systems of the Old Worlds, and is cordial with the vast majority of these systems, having an informal trading and protection alliance with them. The reasons behind maintaining such an alliance are simple, as they protect Lave's commercial interests in those systems, and also prevent the intervention of Federal and Imperial fleets into the Old Worlds, as it would be viewed as a threat by the governments of those systems. Unfortunately for the Republic of Lave, the other independent star-systems are typically rather hostile to Lave, as many of those systems, formerly part of GalCop, know that Lave was a domineering power that sought to increase its own power within GalCop for the betterment of itself at the detriment of others. Nevertheless, the Republic of Lave is open to systems that seek mutual protection and trading alliances, as Lave seeks to expand its importance amongst the stars once more, especially former GalCop worlds that Lave still invests heavily in.

Lave has never formally opened relations with the Federation or the Empire, although it has opened negotiations with both parties to attempt to defuse potential tensions that have arisen between the powers over the years since the fall of GalCop in 3174. Lave often prides itself on understanding with foreign powers, and traditionally, although relations are cold with the Empire and Federation, Lave has managed to remain independent and without any major wars against either superpower since the independence wars lasting from 2498 to 2530, when the Empire attempted to annex the newly independent Old Worlds Coalition. Thanks to the Republic of Lave's efforts in achieving peace, trade and culture had flourished in the era of the Old Worlds Coalition and later the Galactic Cooperative, although modern attempts at restoring this peaceful development have not led to much fruit thanks to the unfortunate effects of the fall of GalCop and subsequent depression and chaos that took place in the Old Worlds.

Status of foreign relations with other states:

Federation of Worlds - Poor: The Federation was the state that originally colonized Lave in 2412, with Human colonists having first arrived from Earth, notably the former nations of Germany and Britain, which despite being under the control of the Federation since at least 2055, still maintained national identities by 2412. The German colonization party would go on to found New Berlin, the current second most influential city on Planet Lave, while the British party would found the cities of Lave City and Atlantica, which would subsequently become the most powerful and third most powerful cities respectively. When the Republic of Lave declared independence from the Federation along with the rest of the Old Worlds Coalition in 2483, relations quickly soured, although they never descended into war thanks to the efforts of the early republican government and the ongoing Cold War between the Federation and the Empire. During the days of GalCop, the Federation placed heavy restrictions on entry from GalCop space, and GalCop outright blocked Federal systems from being accessed by GalCop-made navigation computers. The reasoning for this was that both GalCop and the Federation had heavy embargoes on one another, and trade between either faction was entirely prohibited, worsening relations to critical levels. After the fall of GalCop in 3174, the Federation and Lave opened up borders to one another once again, although citizens traveling from Lave to Federal worlds must pay a hefty toll for entry to Federal space.

Empire of Achenar - Poor: The Empire of Achenar is a much hated enemy of the Republic of Lave, and is often portrayed within Lave as an autocratic slaver state pretending to be the heir an ancient Earth civilization that died out because of their own kleptocratic failings. Meanwhile within the Empire, Lave is seen as a backwater poor state that has refused to accept the opulence and wealth of the Empire, and that is no more than a barbarian rebel state, no better than the Federation. When the Republic of Lave and Old Worlds Coalition declared independence from the Federation in 2483, the Empire attempted to place listening posts and installations within Coalition space as to provoke a war. When the war they wanted finally happened in 2498, the Empire was defeated by the forces of the Old Worlds Coalition, and was forced to withdraw from that sector. Relations with the Empire were bad following this, and following the formation of GalCop in 2696, GalCop entirely shut off trade routes to the Empire and prohibited citizens from seeing Imperial worlds on the starmap. What followed was an Imperial military buildup near the Old Worlds that only ended when GalCop collapsed in 3174, leading to the Empire moving its fleets back to the Alioth system, where the Empire and Federation had fought a series of wars for the last 500 to 600 years. Today, relations with the Empire are poor, and Lave still heavily restricts Imperial trade coming within its borders, with Imperial slave trading being heavily cracked down upon by Lave Internal Security Forces.

Zaonce - Cordial: Despite having been historical rivals within the Old Worlds Coalition and GalCop, Lave and Zaonce enjoy a close relationship, given their new predicaments and the threat to both systems that is the Empire. Zaonce was previously a rival of Lave, and despite having been established 10 years following the colonization of Lave, Zaonce quickly developed a strong mining economy that would come to rival Lave's agricultural economy in terms of output and strength. When both colonies obtained their independence, they formed the Old Worlds Coalition, and continued their rivalry within the coalition and the Galactic Cooperative that would follow. Zaonce's economy would swiftly develop into a financial service economy following their initial mining economy period, with Lave becoming an industrial economy. However, despite the contradictions between the two powers, they were still united by a common need to defend against the Federation and the Empire. Both states continue to have a loose alliance of cooperation in trade and military affairs, the the Bank of Zaonce controls the credit currency used by both states.

Alioth - Cordial: When domination over the Old Worlds was difficult for the Federation and the Empire, both sides returned to bashing one another to death over the Alioth system, one of the most important hydrogen production systems in the galaxy. In 2530, attention of both the Federation and the Empire would turn to Alioth, beginning the 6 century long oppression that has plagued the Alioth system with war and violence. The Republic of Lave maintains cordial relations with the myriad of pro-independence movements in Alioth, and during the days of GalCop, Lave would supply Alioth independence forces with large numbers of ships which they could use to fight against the Federation and the Empire, contributing to the poor relations with both of those factions. While Alioth no longer enjoys hefty material support from GalCop, both Lave and Alioth continue to share a sense of solidarity in their mutual fight for independence.

Reorte - Friendly: Colonized by Lave in 2490, Reorte was swiftly granted independence by Lave once the Galactic Cooperative prohibited member states from controlling colonial empires in 2696 citing the Riedquat September Revolution, when a Coalition controlled government was overthrown in 2690. Reorte would become a premier industrial system, and in 2762, Faulcon Manspace would release the first in the Viper line of spacecraft, beginning Reorte's time as the ship manufacturing centre of GalCop. Once GalCop collapsed, Faulcon DeLacy, formerly chief supplier for the GalCop Navy, moved on to supply the navies of the newly independent Old Worlds, including Lave. Lave maintains close relations with the government of Reorte over their shared past and historical cooperation, and while Lave may be seen as some by a formerly oppressive colonial power, Reorte has remained friendly to the interests of Lave, so long as Lave remains open to Reorte's own interests.

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