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Economy of Lave - Also WIP

The Economy of Lave

The currency of the Republic of Lave, the credit, is backed by the Bank of Zaonce, and is accepted legal tender over all of former GalCop space, along with Federal and Imperial space. Due to the universal usage of the credit, most worlds outside of either of these three groups are forced to accept the usage of the credit or provide a means by which the credit may be transferred into their local currency for trading purposes. This has made the credit the de facto singular currency used by the trillions of people spread across the dominions of mankind. Lave switched to the credit in 2700 during the GalCop era, when GalCop universally enforced the credit across all of the member worlds. Prior to this, the Lavian Mark was the primary currency, available in both digital and physical format. Physical Lavian Marks can still be found in rare collections, with original marks minted in 2483 being particularly expensive for collectors. Fake marks are still minted as commemorative goods by the mint, and are usually available during certain national holidays, such as independence day.

Lave's economy has traditionally been agricultural, as the planet is a lush world with plenty of land on which to farm; and thanks to modern irrigation and land control techniques, desertification has been entirely reversed on some parts of the planet, and agri-domes have been used in regions too cold to support agriculture or inside of city limits where large scale farms cannot exist. Thanks to this, Lave has managed to maintain not only its own gargantuan population of 23 billion, but also has exports to the surrounding systems, some of which entirely rely upon Lave's agricultural economy to support themselves. As a consequence, Lave has a lot of leverage with systems that only contain stations or inhospitable worlds, exporting agricultural produce to them and ensuring their continued reliance upon Lave. Lave is heavily reluctant to share agricultural technology with these kinds of system, as they know that it would lead to them being able to develop self-sufficiency from Lave exports. Regardless of this, some worlds offer Lave far better markets for capital and industrial exportation, so Lave has no problem exporting their technologies when they know it will be cheaper to use them and the workers needed in these systems than within Lave's own borders. This position first developed during the days of GalCop, when Lave was at its height in terms of economic control, with only Zaonce being a powerful enough economy other than Lave to control its own micro-empire of systems through investments.

Lave's economic giants include companies such as Cowell and MgRath shipyards, alongside Lave Industrial Company which produces large amounts of industrial machinery for agricultural and industrial usage, having monopolized the market in favour of itself. Cowell and MgRath shipyards may not be as large as other shipbuilders such as Faulcon DeLacy, but it is powerful enough to have secured license production of Faulcon ships, while also having avoided becoming another child company of Faulcon, similar to many others that have fallen under Faulcon control. While these private businesses control Lave's economy, Lave also has a large number of state owned industries, which run most basic necessities such as healthcare, transportation, water, and power. Lave State Electricity controls around 80% of the planetary power supply, primarily using nuclear fusion reactors to power the planet, while private power supplies are typically fission or renewables, and only power the facilities of the private companies (fission is especially popular in manufacturing if the company desires to use its own power supply and not that run by the state). All water supplies on the planet are controlled by Lave Water, a state run company, as to ensure government control of the water system and prevent misuse by corporate entities following mass protests and riots in the 2500s over corporate misuse of water supplies resulting in entire settlements being at risk of drought (back in the 2500s, Lave was still a developing colonial state, and the water supplies were critical for the people living in frontier settlements).

On the planetary surface, large industrial plants in the cities are regulated through the use of climate modification technologies usually reserved for terraforming inhospitable planets, ensuring that Lave's industries are ecologically sustainable, and cause no harm to the extensive agricultural facilities on the planet, as it would cause incredibly lethal famines if food production was cut due to climate change. These terraforming technologies are primarily to do with absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in large underground canisters or simply ejecting the waste into the sun through the use of spacecraft. Other technologies include extensive water irrigation and draining systems to provide necessary water to crops and trees, while preventing anaerobic conditions from arising, that would lead to the development of bogs. In addition, the necessary fertilizer usage is restricted, ensuring that the planet does not have runaway eutrophication thanks to nitrate fertilizers used in agriculture on the planet. It is critical for the safety of the agricultural economy that these industrial pollutants are heavily restricted as to prevent the mass destruction of other parts of the economy, such as fisheries, which would suffer during eutrophication as it would result in mass deaths of fishing stock and the poisoning of water supplies with toxic waste products from eutrophication.

Lave's space industries are primarily driven by shipbuilding and Quirium refining, with Lave's moon being the primary Quirium refinery in the system, as it is able to scoop hydrogen fuel from traveling close to the sun of the system for refining into Quirium. It is worth noting that Lave's moon is really a small object that passes on a highly elliptical orbit from just behind Planet Lave's orbit and gets close enough to the star to scoop hydrogen without being destroyed. Quirium is a kind of negative energy density hydrogen isotope used in the FTL systems of ships powered by Quirium hyperspace drives. The main difference between Quirium and the other hydrogen fuels used in FTL travel are the refining techniques used, as Quirium fuel is refined through a secret method based on [REDACTED]. Quirium fuels act as the 'exotic matter' required in the use of the Quirium hyperspace drive, which is based on the theoretical Alcubierre Drive that moves space-time around the user (although it is possible to somehow convert normal hydrogen into exotic matter in more primitive FTL drives, Quirium is purpose refined for it with [REDACTED]). In addition to the Quirium industry, the Cowell and MgRath shipyards produce thousands of ships per year for sale to civilian customers or to other systems with the ships produced there being highly popular in the Old Worlds, but prohibited for sale inside of the Federation or the Empire.

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