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The Republic of Lave - Crown of the Old Worlds.

Republic of Lave - GalNet Database
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Planet Lave
Population: 23,000,000,000
Earth Masses: 1.0000
Radius: 6,134 KM
Surface Temperature: 288K
Surface Pressure: 1.17 Atmospheres
Atmospheric Composition:
- 77.9% Nitrogen
- 20.9% Oxygen
- 0.9% Argon
Orbital Period: 171.0 Days
Semi Major Axis: 0.58 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0380
Orbital Inclination: 0.00 DEG
Arg of Periapsis: 322.98 DEG
Rotational Period: 0.9 Days
Axial Tilt: 23.51 DEG

Lave; an overview

Greetings commander. I am sure you have heard of the planet known as Lave, where most Pilots' Federation craft have been known to start their journeys, most notably the revered Commander Jameson who survived [REDACTED]. Lave has always been an interesting location in galactic history, and the formation of GalCop was only the most recent expression of the common need for the Old Worlds to unite against the far more powerful neighbouring powers, the Federation and the Empire. Lave, as most commanders know, was the starting point for many commanders back when the Cobra Mk. 3 was standard issue for pilots. Many pilots still begin their journey from Lave, but there have been a growing number of Pilots' Federation installations in other regions of Human space. Regardless, Lave is still fondly remembered by many older commanders as their starting point, and the venerable Cobra Mk. 3 is still produced mostly in Lave by the old Cowell and MgRath shipyards, although Faulcon DeLacy has licensed construction in other systems. Lave's continued importance in the Old Worlds is no doubt due to its former position as the capital world of GalCop, and it will no doubt be important in any further political and military alliances to come.

Lave's inherent naval power comes from GalCop's decentralized naval structure, where all of the contributing worlds were generally allowed to own their own naval forces that increased GalCop's overall fleet power. However, in the wake of the fall of GalCop in 3174, Lave inherited the most powerful navy out of all the former GalCop worlds, and is capable of defending itself against the powerful forces of the Federation and the Empire of Achenar if need be. Despite Lave's loss of power following GalCop's disintegration, Lave still continues to be the powerhouse of the Old Worlds, and consequently still dominates its neighbouring systems, even if it does not control them directly anymore.

Lave was colonized in the year 2412, and was placed under the control of the nascent Federation of Worlds, led by Earth, mankind's homeworld and most powerful singular system in the galaxy. However, Lave would come to be difficult for the Federation to control, being that Lave was around 114.54 light years away from Earth. In 2483, Lave would declare independence from the Federation with the aid of nearby systems, including Zaonce and Diso, forming the Old Worlds Coalition. This alliance would go on to defend from Imperial intervention in 2498, when an Imperial listening post was attacked and destroyed, leading to the Coalition being blamed by Achenar for the affront. Eventually, the Old Worlds would secure their independence through monopolizing hydrogen fuel, leading to the Federation and Empire turning their attention towards Alioth by 2530.

What would follow would be a century of peace and progress, as the Old Worlds would become economically powerful states in their own right. However, the Old Worlds were primarily independent worlds united only by a common military alliance, and if the Old Worlds were to really succeed as an independent power, they would need reorganization. This would come following the disastrous effects of the Riedquat September revolution in 2690, where a pro Old Worlds Coalition government would be overthrown by a disgruntled populace, leading to Riedquat descending into anarchy for the next five centuries. In 2696, the Galactic Cooperative would be born from the Old Worlds Coalition, reorganizing the group into a more tight organization, where trading with outside powers was banned, leading to a Federal and Imperial embargo on the Old Worlds. In 2700, the first affordable spacecraft would be released by Whatt and Pritney Ship Constructions, the Python, leading to the rise of independent spacefairing and also further economic successes for the Old Worlds. In the 2700s, the first Coriolis starport, Lave Station, would be constructed by GalCop, leading to the rise of the ever so recognizable and popular starport seen today.

However, not all would last for Lave, and in 3125 [UNAUTHORIZED ATTEMPT TO ACCESS RESTRICTED DATA, CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR FOR CLEARANCE PERMISSIONS]. The fallout following this event would lead to the regression of GalCop, as trading fleets were ruined and the once great forces of the Old Worlds were diminished. By 3174, only 11 member worlds remained, and GalCop was disbanded on the 19th of August by CEO Simmone Hendry. What followed was a dark time for Lave, as the system lost economic and technological hegemony over many of the Old Worlds, including the ability to make Quirium fuel, which was necessary for the hyper-advanced FTL systems of GalCop ships. The Lave Republic, which existed under GalCop and now as an independent power for the first time since 2483, continued as a dictatorship, although public discontent was rising. The only thing that saved the rule of President Thomas Gruber was the rediscovery of Quirium refining plants on Lave's moon, their locations previously only known to GalCop leadership. In 3190, Lave had restored its hegemony as the sole supplier of Quirium fuels, allowing FTL systems to return to their GalCop levels within Lave and surrounding trade partners.

Today, Lave is ruled by President Thomas Gruber, and the Citizen's Assembly continues to be nothing more than a rubber stamp parliament that continues his rule. Lave's citizenry is known to support Gruber, but there have been suspicions that he may have engineered the disappearance and rediscovery of Quirium in order to ensure his popularity. The Chancellorship in Lave is a bizarre topic, as every 4 years, the Citizen's Assembly votes on a new Chancellor from the ruling party of Lave, the general public is only allowed to vote on local representatives who go to the Citizen's Assembly, although again, all of these representatives are from the ruling party. Lave is a traditionally agricultural world, its monopoly over Quirium and Cobra Mk. 3 production ensures that it remains a powerful industrial power also. The economy of Lave continues to evolve further towards establishing it as a foremost industrial power in the Old Worlds.

Lave's cities are spread across the surface of the entire planet, with the capital city, Lave City, as the primary hub between the megalopoli on the planetary surface. Lave City is home to a large population of around 30,000,000 people, and houses the entire government and state apparatus. Lave City is incredibly wealthy in the central old colonial settlement area, with bustling streets and towering skyscrapers that dwarf their surrounding structures. Historical and cultural artifacts from the era of early settlement to GalCop also exist in this portion of the city, with great museums showing relics and interesting items from across Lave's history, and even holographic recreations of historical artifacts from Earth itself in Human history museums. However, the other parts of Lave City are far poorer than the centre, with Lave City being home to large populations of impoverished industrial, financial, and service workers that slave away for the continued operation of the planetary capital. Other important cities include New Berlin (Population of 25,000,000), which was the original German settlement on the planet, and home to planet-side offices of major industrial conglomerates like Cowell and MgRath, and Atlantica (Population of 13,000,000) which is notable as the primary port city and acts as an infrastructure hub for trans-oceanic travel and transportation. The extremely large planetary population is sustained by networks of cities (planned settlements) with an allowed 10,000,000 people living within them, these cities are planned as to occupy certain areas of the planet (like mountainous regions) while allowing the green spaces to be used for continued agriculture which is especially necessary given Lave's population size.

Basic information on Lave's government:
President: Thomas Gruber. (3172 - Present)
Chancellor: Hans Karl (3196 - Present)
Legislature: Citizen's Assembly
Capital City: Lave City