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TNP RMB Insanity: My Walls of Text Navigation Page

This has been repurposed into navigating to the other pages I've made for my walls of text on the TNP RMB. That's because I made so many one page cannot contain them all apparently.

If you want to know what each of these categories is actually about, this section is for you! Honestly, it’s more like a teaser or something, but it’s at least something.

Densetsu: The backstories of Aozora’s closest associates, and how they were turned from somewhat insane ordinary people into truly insane national icons.

Sagiri: In the aftermath of Lord Gray’s demise, Aozora adopts a daughter in th form of Sagiri, a Necerierran heir. This story arc details her progression as she learns more about Aozora, and becomes closer to being the tyrant’s ideal.

Aozora Chiyumi: Aozora is haunted by nightmares and plagued with paranoia. This category has a few early stories that show her mindset and thoughts.

Suspicion: The circumstances behind Gray’s death appear suspicious, and Kiku is determined to convince Aozora that something is amiss. However, the traumatised tyrant is not an easy woman to talk to when she’s reminded of her greatest misery.

Beyond Betrayal: After a duel with Lady Lala, Aozora is left with Gray’s Journal, which details the woman’s plans to betray Aozora and dominate the world. Her trust and capacity for love shattered, she struggles to decipher the magic within as her paranoia continues to grow.

Dissent: In the forests of Nogyo District, an insurgency begins. With access to a mental inhibitor, how far are they willing to for their freedom?

Necerierra Crisis: Necerierra is in jeopardy. Tanya has assumed control, preventing Sagiri’s ascension. Aozora Chiyumi, accompanied by elite troops and Lady Lala, plans to end the maniac’s regime before it destroys her daughter’s realm.

Never Forget: Aozora is haunted by hallucinations of her traitorous former lover, and her ability to tell reality from illusion crumbles as she struggles with the situation at hand. Can she hold on to what sanity she has left?

Never Surrender: Kyoki Chudoku is under attack! Rogue Yukkirans launch an assault on Orlov of Russland, aided by the mad scientist Alexei, and Aozora is left caught in the crossfire as she tries to heal her friend.

One Step Away: Sagiri has vanished. Aozora struggles with madness, depression and despair. Meanwhile, in the shadows, an old enemy prepares to strike once again. Aozora is confronted with the height of her worst nightmares.

Treason: Traitors, terrorists, freedom fighters, rebels. Insurgents gather to oppose Aozora’s reign of tyranny. They will take desperate measures to end this authoritarian regime. How far will the rebels go, and can Aozora stop them before it is too late?

Records of Yani Vex: A unique Syca visits Kyoki Chudoku, taking some notes and comparing it to home.

Death Be Upon Them: Aozora awakens, ready to bring vengeance to the traitors. Meanwhile, in Paxiosolange, another civil war erupts, demanding Chudokuren intervention.

Never Turn Back: After an intense duel, Aozora is presumed to have killed Lady Lala. She struggles to deal with the consequences of this action, trying to change her mindset to avoid constant suffering. Meanwhile, the need for a magic control organisation grows...

Red and Purple: Aozora Chiyumi faces one of the great international tribulations of her time- Sekien invites her in a date. Can she defeat her own embarrassment and enjoy herself for a while, or will this prove too great a burden for the Supreme Overlady of All Reality?

Order Awakens: Kyoki Chudoku begins the creation of an all-new agent of the Himitsu no Shakai, a woman of fused mind and body. Meanwhile, relations with Paxiosolange approach the level of a cold war...

From Order, Chaos: Attempts are made to produce another cadaver. However, these will have unforeseen consequences that will change Kyoki Chudoku for the rest of time...

When Worlds Collide: A new world. A new danger. A new threat looms over Kyoki Chudoku. When worlds collide, which reality will come on top?

Heaven of All Worlds: A collection of chapters focused on Tengokuren Aozora. What led to her taking such diabolical action, and just how much is she capable of?

The Blue Sky Darkens: The chronicles of Aozora Chiyumi and Zakiron Tsune as they struggle to survive and fight back in the midst of the sudden and devastating Tengokuren assault.

Uncovering Hell: The journey of Sawagi’s escape, and the naval battles involving Warsaw Pact forces against the Tengokuren threat. Can the allied forces overcome a technological superior and utterly fanatical enemy?

Entangled in Minamishima: Tengoku’s efforts to provoke certain nations go horribly right as a counterattack is launched. Can monstrosities beyond nature overcome the forces of an eternal heaven?

When Heaven Falls: The final battle between all forces in the Tengoku conflict approaches in the most brutally devastating war in Chudokuren history. Can the allied forces prevail? And how much must they sacrifice to achieve victory?

Awakened From the Nightmare: Chudokuren society struggles to recover from the devastation of the Nightmare War. How greatly have things changed, and can the nation recover?

Operation Sweeping Scythe: After detecting arcane activity in the distant and tiny nation of Sartinaynia, the Himitsu no Shakai dispatches a team to investigate.

Operation Mindbreaker: Based upon the information the Kensaku Team collected, Aozora personally leads an assault on Sartinaynia to ensure the security of reality.

Operation Shattered Illusion: Demanding answers from her new prisoner, Aozora struggles to perform interrogative torture without succumbing to the sadism that horrifies her.

Operation Enduring Tyranny: Satina District’s security forces struggle to maintain order in their new holding.

Operation Enduring Tyranny II: The forces in Satina continue their efforts to maintain security.

The Exile’s Arrival: Aozora’s dearest pays her an unscheduled visit, but the circumstances are far more pressing than it appears.

Other: A scattered group of stories which take place all over the place and don’t really fit anywhere else.

Aozora Chiyumi
Beyond Betrayal
Necerierra Crisis
Never Forget
Never Surrender
One Step Away
Records of Yani Vex
Death Be Upon Them
Never Turn Back
Red and Purple
Order Awakens
From Order, Chaos
When Worlds Collide
Heaven of All Worlds
The Blue Sky Darkens
Uncovering Hell
Entangled in Minamishima
When Heaven Falls
Awakened From the Nightmare
Operation Sweeping Scythe
Operation Mindbreaker
Operation Shattered Illusion
Operation Enduring Tyranny
Operation Enduring Tyranny II
The Exile’s Arrival