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Districts of Kyoki Chudoki

Kyoki Chudoku is divided into nine Districts, located upon three main islands. Here is a brief overview of each District and its most important qualities.

Chuo District

Chuo District is a very important area in Kyoki Chudoku. It is of cities and urban areas with outlying forests and mountains. The District's capital is Subete no Yoimon no Chushin, more commonly called "Yoimono", which also happens to the be capital of the nation as a whole. Notable for its large population, central position, importance to the economy and the relatively advanced technology there, Chuo District is also the base of the Kyoki Chudoku no Kugun (Air Force).

Chuo District has the highest relative neko population in the nation. Citizens there are most accustomed to the craziness of Kyoki Chudoki and tend to be very loyal. Power generation also occurs in the outer areas of the District. The Densetsu of the area is Jinsoku.

Notable destinations in the district include Aozora Chiyumi's Personal Palace, a massive purple and black tower-like structure that is the home of the Supreme Overlady of All Reality. Few dare to venture nearby in fear of becoming test subjects, torture victims, corpses or worse.

Kaigan District

Kaigan District is a coastal area, with an entire island to its name (admittedly the smallest main island of the nation). It is very important as an international trading centre and fishing area. It is also the base of the Kyoki Chudoku no Kantai (the Navy), making it one of the hardest areas to escape from as unauthorised ships are shot on sight.

Kaigan District serves as a trading hub with other nations that are willing to make trade deals with Kyoki Chudoku. The Densetsu of the District is Sawagi, or Densetsu Ni. The capital of the area is Boeki Minato, a large coastal city with the third largest population of the nation.