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Kyoki Chudoku no Boei-Gun (Defence Force of Kyoki Chudoku)(WIP)(Kind of Outdated)

Despite its name, the so-called "Defence Force of Kyoki Chudoku" is perfectly capable of performing offensive operations. It is divided into three main forces. Somewhat surprisingly for a dictatorial stage, it focuses on quality rather than quantity. It is as such voluntary rather than relying on conscription, although the capacity to draft citizens remains in place.

Kyoki Chudoku no Guntai

The Kyoki Chudoku no Guntai serves as the army of the nation. It is comprised of all land forces of the Supreme Ultimate Country, including infantry, tanks, logistical trucks and transports, artillery, anti-air vehicles and troop transports. Currently in command of the Kyoki Chudoku no Guntai is Kurushimi, and as such the main base of the branch is in the Nogyo District.

Small Arms: Unknown number
-Sai Knife
-SB SnS Pistol
-SB-09 Assault Rifle
-SB-09K Carbine
-SB-NM11 Rocket Launcher
-SB-SM14 Designated Marksman Rifle
-CK-15 Sniper Rifle
-CB-08 Light Machine Gun
-JHKB Moeru Flamethrower
Human/Neko Infantry: 380,000
-Anti Vehicle Specialists: 20,000
-Combat Medics: 8,000
-Snipers: 5,000
-Flamethrowers: 80
Tenshi Infantry: 600
-Gomon Hito: 8
APCs: 310
-Kuchiku-kan Amphibious APC: 210
-Kuma Heavy APC: 100
Tanks: 256
-Kaigyo-Sen Light Tanks: 66
-Gunjin Main Battle Tanks: 90
-Yukan'na Main Battle Tanks: 60
-Akuma Heavy Tanks: 40
Troop Transports: 180
Anti-Air: 98
Self-Propelled Guns: 71
Rocket Artillery: 42

Some of these units require additional explanation:

Tenshi Infantry: Tenshi soldiers organised into military units. These units function as elite soldiers and special forces.

Gomon Hito: Bodyguards of of Kurushimi. They are experts at causing pain and defending their Densetsu.

Kyoki Chudoku no Kantai

The Kyoki Chudoku no Kantai serves as the navy of the nation. It is comprised of all warships, submarines, bombard vessels, oceanic transports, gunboats and marines of Kyoki Chudoku. It is commanded by Sawagi, and is based primarily in Kaigan District. It is the primary focus of the nation's military forces.

Marines: 12,000
-Iruka: 12
Patrol Boats: 60
Frigates: 46
Missile Ships: 30
Submarines: 26
Destroyers: 14
-Kaigan class: 10
-Sawagi class: 4
Cruisers: 5
Battleships: 2

Iruka: Iruka are servants and bodyguards of Sawagi. They function both as elites marines and underwater infantry units.

Kyoki Chudoku no Kugun

The Kyoki Chudoku no Kugun serves as the nation's aerial military force. It is comprised of the nation's helicopters, airships, military jets, and air transports, as well as paratroopers. It is presided over by Jinsoku and based in the Chuo District.

Paratroopers: 6,000
-Kawase: 6
UAVs: 120
Helicopters: 102
-Scout Helicopters: 14
-Anti Submarine Helicopters: 20
-Attack Helicopters: 56
-Transport Helicopters: 12
Fighter-Bombers: 86
-Tonbo Fighter-Bombers: 86
Interceptors: 44
-Chijoku Interceptors: 40
-Kasasagi Interceptors: 4
Bombers: 39
-Fukuro Close Air Support: 28
-Konotori Heavy Bomber: 11
Aerial Transports: 9

Kawase: Elite tenshi soldiers under direct command of Jinsoku. They are capable of flight and can serve as powerful paratroopers. Use of electricity enables them to perform effectively against enemy vehicles.