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Ivar Ornsson | King of the Kynish

Ivar Ornsson, King of the Kynish
Ívarr Ornsson, Kynmennkonung


King of the Kynish

Ivar Ornsson

Official Portrait

3rd King of the Kynish


His Majesty (Formal)
King Ivar (In-Formal)


2015 - Current


11 August 2015


8 March 1987 (a.31)





Full Name

Ivar Ornsson




Orn Ragisson


Ţora Arnsdóttir

Fjóll University
Graduate; Bachelor of Medicine


[img] Signature [/img]

Military Service



Service Branch

Maritime Guard

Years of Service

2011 - 2015



His Majesty Ivar Ornsson (Born 8 March 1987; age 31) is the eldest child out of four whom can call their father Orn Ragisson, the former King of the Kynish and Fylkir of Pagans. He is an indigenous Kynishman and hails from the royal house of Álfsblód, established shortly after Kynish independence by the direct descendents of Hakon Álfsson, a national hero and the last true Norse king. Ivar is currently reigning as the 3rd King of the Kynish and 3rd Fylkir of the Pagans. He solidified his claim to the throne by duelling and defeating his younger but ambitious brother, Sven Ornsson.








Early Life





Political Views

Ivar Ornsson dislikes political labels, and so does not attach himself to any particular ideologies or lines of thought. Ivar is his own man, leading his people how he sees best.
However, despite his personal avoidance of political labels and ties, His Majesty is most often described as a left-wing cooperative nationalist. He believes in democracy and many of the values of the enlightenment. Ivar is a proud patriot and works almost solely in his country’s interests, and is skeptical of other countries’ motives and interests. However, despite his nationalism, he believes all countries should cooperate and work together to form a better future.
His chosen economic policy is mixed economics, copying the model of Germany when possible. Though, Ivar has been trying to find ways to lower taxation but keep welfare stable.

Ivar is in favour of nationalism, monarchism, environmentalism, democracy. He is also supportive of Kynish paganism and the powers of the pagan temples.
The King is opposed to exceptionalism, zealous republicanism, communism, fascism and terrorism.

Religious Views

His Majesty is a devout and pious pagan. He is a strict follower of the state religion and has yet to falter in his religious devotion.

Ivar does not trust nor does he really support Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He believes Kyneland is a pagan nation and typically dislikes Abrahamists encroaching on that. He has few issues with Abrahamists living in Kyneland, but prefers that they do not attempt to convert the natives. He is the spiritual leader of all Germanic pagans and his duties are similar to those of the Islamic Caliphs.

Ivar is oftentimes unavailable for political sessions and ongoings because of his religious duties. He leads huge gatherings of worshippers in rituals and sets a theological example for all pagans.


As both the King and the Fylkir of the Kingdom, Ivar Ornsson rarely has time on his hands to do what he enjoys. He spends almost all of his free time doing one of three things: praying, fighting and engaging in personal, religious rites.

When he prays, Ivar gives his prayers to whatever deity he requires strength from, such as Ódinn and Skadi.

Ivar is a trained fighter, and practices his skills with members of his Royal Guard and friends. He has participated in non-competitive SCA armoured combat. He has a collection of swords and weapons, and a blessed saex. He dislikes using firearms, but does train with them to prevent him getting rusty.

Ivar‘s personal, religious rites are not typical of modem pagans, and he is thus considered a fundamentalist. He intentionally inflicts pain upon himself and scars his body, sacrificing his blood and enduring pain in devotion to his gods. To those that know the true nature of these rites, Ivar scares them with his firm piety. He has reared livestock and slaughtered them in servitude. The rites are believed to have permanently affected the King’s mental state, but he is nonetheless able to conduct himself well.


  • Ivar is a skilled fighter, and has participated in ritual combat. He has many scars from these ritualistic battles.

  • As the Fylkir, Ivar‘s duties includes the sacrifice and evisceration of animals such as boars and horses in worship of the pagan deities.

  • Ivar sponsors Viking revivalist and pagan groups throughout Scandinavia. As the Fylkir, he is also the rallying symbol for all Germanic pagans and their cause.

  • Ivar is almost purely of Kynish ancestry, with some Danish and Anglo-Saxon mixed in.

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