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HM Henryk Sebastian Pendragon, Lord Protector of the Realm [Pending a bit of a rewrite like everything else here]

Official Portrait of the Lord Protector, 1894

Motto: "Mit Folket för Fosterlandet."

Reign: 1881 - Present

Predecessor: Albert Thorvald Pendragon
Heir Apparent: Johann Pendragon

Date of Birth: 7th November 1850
Age: 46

Coronation: 26th September 1881

House: Pendragon

  • Father: Albert Thorvald Pendragon, 1812 - 1881

  • Mother: Karina Madeleine Pendragon, 1816 - 1883

  • Siblings: Katarina Pendragon, 1858 -

  • Spouse: Anna Vasilievna Pendragon
    (née Romanov), 1854 -

  • Issue: Johann Pendragon, 1886 -

Religion: Lutheran (Church of Kragholm)

First Language: Kragsprakk
Foreign Languages: English, Russian, German,
Venetian, Latin, Ancient Greek


Henryk Sebastian Pendragon - or to give him his full title, His Most Noble and August Majesty, Henryk Sebastian I of the House of Pendragon, Lord Protector of the Realm, High Warden of the Duchies of Kungsvik and Södervik and Östervik and Grindvik, Governor-General of the Colonies of Saint Kristoff and Saint Ingrid and Saint Ansgar, Prince of Karalia, Governor-General of Skäggland and Majne and New Kungsvik, High Warden of the Krager Territories of Timor and Namkij and the Gold Coast and the Antilles, Emperor of North Francia and Wallonia, Prince of Bombay, and Emperor of Sudan and Eritrea and Upper and Lower Egypt, Grand Marshal of the Rijkshaer and Grand Admiral of the Rijksmarinen and of the Rijksflygkorps, Archbishop of the Holy Lutheran Church of Kragholm, and Grandmaster of the Royal Order of the Round Table. (Kragsprakk: Hans Mest Ätla y Augusti Majestaat, Henryk Sebastian I ap Huset ap Pendragon, Herra-Beskyddar ap Rijket, Högest Vakt ap Härtigdomer ap Kungsvik, Södervik, Östervik y Grindvik, Guvernör-General ap Kolonirna ap Sant Kristoff y Sant Ingrid y Sant Ansgar, Prins ap Karalia, Guvernör-General ap Skäggland y Majne y Ny Kungsvik, Högest Vakt ap de Kragska Territorirna ap Timor y Namkij y Guldkusten y Antillerna, Kajsare ap Nordfrankia y Vallonia, Prins ap Bombaj, y Kajsare ap Sudan y Eriträ y Övre y Nedre Ägypten, Stormarskalk ap Rijkshaeren y Storamiral ap Rijksmarinen y ap Rijksflygkorps, Ärkebiskop ap den Heliga Lutheranska Kyrkan ap Kragholm, y Stormästare ap den Kunglika Ordningen ap det Runta Bordet) - is the current monarch of the Kragholm Free States and a member of the Pendragon dynasty that has held the throne of the Free States since the nation's establishment. Henryk has held the title of Lord Protector since 1881, taking the throne when his father, 69 year old Albert Thorvald Pendragon, was thrown from his horse during a hunt and broke his neck. On the whole a popular leader, Henryk rules the Free States by much-favoured Classical Liberal principles, along with a large dose of the militarism that has been a central part of Kragholm culture for centuries. His reign has seen a period of consistently high economic prosperity, major technological progress, and several notable military victories.

Early Life

Henryk was born on 7th November 1850, in the Rijksslottet in Västergard. His father was Albert Thorvald Pendragon, Lord Protector from 1849 until his death in 1881. His mother was Albert's wife, Lady Karina Madeleine Pendragon (née von Glücksburg). Henryk was their eldest child - and only child until the birth of Katarina Pendragon in 1858 - and as heir to the throne, he was automatically granted the title of Duke of Kungsvik at birth, as per Kragholm tradition. Educated by a series of private tutors until the age of fourteen, the young heir demonstrated considerable intelligence and aptitude for strategy and statecraft. He was a keen historian and avid reader of classical literature, and demonstrated impressive skill at Kragertriathlon - the nation's national sport consisting of cross-country skiing, rifle shooting, and sabre fencing. Henryk studied and became fluent in a number of languages; English, Russian, German, Venetian, Latin, and Ancient Greek. From 1864-66, Henryk, accompanied by several members of the Crown Council, embarked upon a two-year tour of Kragholm and its colonial holdings across the globe, in order to gain a proper understanding of the lands he would later inherit. In 1866, as per the traditions of the Krager monarchy, he took and passed the examinations to enter the prestigious Royal Military Academy of Strataborg, where he studied for two years before graduating and being awarded his commission as a Lieutenant of the Rijkshaer, serving with one of the most renowned and respected units in the organisation, the Grenadier Guards.

Military Career

Henryk remained with the Rijkshaer for many years, and by late 1877 he was promoted to the rank of Major and placed in command of the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards regiment. During his time in the military, he saw action in a variety of conflicts and theatres, including the Kalmar Civil War of 1871, the annexation of Paris, the Russo-Turkish War, the Anglo-Afghan and Anglo-Zulu Wars, and the Venetian War of Independence, amongst others. Throughout his service, Henryk demonstrated an admirable tactical and strategic proficiency, with a number of impressive victories to his name. He also proved to be a formidable combatant, fighting in direct combat alongside his troops in his early military career, and winning a number of medals for courage and exceptional conduct, including the King Erik II Cross - the second highest award the Rijkshaer can bestow. When he came to the throne in late 1881, assuming the title of Lord Protector, Henryk retired from active service to better undertake the ruling of his nation. However, as the head of state he now holds the rank of Grand Over-Marshal, the highest in the Armed Forces, and continues to undertake ceremonial duties, as well as working with and advising active military commanders when necessary. The Lord Protector is also Grandmaster of the Royal Order of the Round Table - the largest and oldest of Kragholm's knightly orders that serve as elite special forces - meaning he is still very much a capable warrior and commander, with the experience necessary to conduct his nation's affairs well in both peacetime and war.


It was in 1878, at a gathering following the signing of the Treaty of Berlin in the aftermath of the Russo-Turkish war, that Henryk Sebastian Pendragon, Major of the Grenadier Guards and heir to the throne of Kragholm, met a Russian princess by the name of Anna Vasilievna Romanov. Anna took rather more interest in affairs of war and politics than most young noblewomen of the day, and the two quickly began to bond over long hours of conversation. They had much in common; she loved to ski, and to fence, and shared Henryk's interest in ancient history. After the gathering was over, Henryk and Anna would meet on numerous other occasions, mainly at balls, dinners, and the like, but also the occasional less formal visit, when Henryk was not deployed to some warzone or another. In 1882, now crowned Lord Protector of Kragholm, Henryk invited Anna Vasilievna to visit him in the nation's capital, whereupon he promptly proposed. The two were married in the winter of that year, with much ceremony - at the Tsar's insistence, a second ceremony was held in Moscow after the initial wedding in Västergard. In June 1886, Anna gave birth to the royal couple's first son - and, as he was born on the same day in June that the Kragholm Free States had been officially formed almost a century ago, it was decided that he should be named Johann, in honour of the first Lord Protector. Henryk has also kept an arctic wolf as a pet since 1890, and has named it Husdent after the silent hunting hound of Sir Tristram.


Beginning in September 1881 with his coronation held in the cathedral of Västergard, the reign of Henryk Sebastian Pendragon is widely considered to be a successful one for the Free States, with the majority of the citizenry expressing favourable views towards his rule. As the foremost representative of the Free States and a skilled diplomat, the Lord Protector has undertaken many foreign state visits, and continued to foster good relations with a number of western powers and a handful of states further afield. Kragholm maintains its formal alliance with the British Empire, along with several continental European nations including the Kalmar Union, the Republic of Venice, and Portugal, along with a newly formed alliance with Russia - despite fighting against them in the Crimean War, Kragholm has supported Russia in more recent conflicts, and the Lord Protector's marriage to a Romanov has brought the two nations far closer. A noted advocate of civil liberties and a proponent of the free market, Henryk has enacted a number of reforms to further these causes, including bills and sovereign ordinances to grant universal rights to jury trial, restructure the nation's law enforcement to stamp out corruption and unconstitutional powers, remove excessive church influence from the Crown Council, encourage urban development and infrastructure programs in overseas territories, streamline the once-complex tax code, repeal a number of onerous economic regulations previous monarchs had enacted, and entrust to the Rijksmarinen the duty of hunting down the last vestiges of the slave trade wherever it persists. He is nevertheless an ardent supporter of Kragholm's national service requirements - and of militarism in general; it is Henryk who is credited as the founder of the Rijksflygkorps, the world's first military air arm - and has shown strong disapproval of anti-imperialist advocates - the colonies, he argues, have grown immeasurably more prosperous and free under Kragholm's guiding hand than under the unenlightened regimes that ruled before. 'Unenlightened regimes' are a subject Henryk often expresses strong views on, and makes no secret of his desire to see such states brought low and their leaders replaced - it is, at least partly, the reason for Kragholm's ongoing conflict against the Ottoman Empire.

Note: While this factbook is considered complete at present, it will be updated pending events in any RPs that are considered canon.