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Our Konolasian Calendar

Unlike other nations that use the gregorian calendar, we in Konolas use our own calendar that all the people must know. We divided the calendar into multiple era’s
SE- Sulic Empire

Acient Era - 100BC
300BSE - The first settlers came to find farmable lands for themselfs and for their people - 100BC
290BSE - The first settlers build houses establishing «The tribe of the Sulic people» - 90BC
236BSE - Formation of the Sulic Kingdom - 36BC
125BSE - Collapse of the Sulic Kingdom and beginning of the warlord era - 75AD

Warlord era - 75AD
125BSE - Remenants of the Sulic Kingdom get taken by warlord Szhi - 75AD
124BSE - Warlord Szhi and warlord Sed make a alliance against self-proclamed Kingdom of Kig. - 76AD
122BSE - The alliance goes to war and loses. Warlord Szhi escapes whilst warlord Sed gets killed at battle of Gomaka (Igorgrad). - 78AD
121BSE - Warlord Hes proclames the Kingdom of Rus. - 79AD
115BSE - Warlord Szhi returns proclaming the Kingdom of Jad. - 85AD
108BSE - A cousin of the last king of Suls proclaimed a New Sulic Kingdom. - 92AD
100BSE - The last warlords have been conquered ending the warlord era. - 100AD

The Four Kingdoms - 100AD
100BSE - Beginning of the four kingdoms era. - 100AD
75BSE - Death of warlord Hes. This split the Kigdom of Rus between Kig and the New Sulic Kingdom. - 125AD
70BSE - The New Sulic Kingdom goes to war with the Kingom of Kig over who will rule Jad when warlord Szhi dies. - 130AD
69BSE - Warlord Szhi dies and the Kingdom of Jad gets invaded by Suls and Kigs. - 131AD
50BSE - Death of the king of Suls. - 150AD
40BSE - Death of the king of Kigs. - 160AD
1BSE - The long war ends with the Suls victorius, ending the Four Kingdoms era. - 199AD

Post Imperial era - 201AD
1ASE - Emperor of the Suls gets murdered, plunging the empire into a civil war. - 201AD
10ASE - The civil war ends, but the empire lost alot of land. The new emperor disbands the empire, forming the Duchy of Sulia. - 210AD
1250ASE - Duchy of Sulia becomes a vassal of The Great Horde. - 1450AD
1350ASE - Duchy of Sulia is annexed by the Muscovites. - 1550AD

Pre Konolas era - 1550AD
1350ASE - Burning of the flag of Sulia. - 1550AD
1370ASE - Province of Sulia has been converted to Chistianity. - 1570AD
1440ASE - Native Suls drops to 100,000. - 1640AD
1485ASE - Sulic culture has almost been wiped of. - 1685AD
1532ASE - The last duke of Sulia dies, ending the Sulian bloodline. - 1732AD
1540ASE - Native Suls drops to 40,000. - 1740AD
1550ASE - A new group of people called Konolasians are formed. They are a mix between Russians and Suls. - 1750
1600ASE - Native Suls drops to 2000. - 1800AD
1660ASE - Extinction of the Native Suls, only the Konolasians know the culture now. - 1860AD
1714ASE - Start of WW1. Thousands of Konolasians have joined with the Russian Army. - 1914AD
1718ASE - Start of the Russian Revolution. Konolasians have joined with the Soviets, hoping to get their independence. - 1918 AD
1721ASE - End of the Russian Revolution. Konolasians decided that they didn't want independence. - 1921AD
1730ASE - Beginning of the Russification of Sulia. - 1930AD
1741ASE - Nazi Germany declared war on the Soviet Union. - 1941AD
1743ASE - Attack on Stalingrad and Nazi expedition to Igorgrad. - 1943AD
1745ASE - Last Nazi pockets in the Sulic SSR have been beaten. End of WW2. - 1945AD
1751ASE - Death of Stalin. Everyone in Sulia cheered that day. - 1951AD
1790ASE - Republic of Konolas has been formed. - 1990AD

Democratic era - 1991AD
1791ASE - Beginning of Stability - 1991AD
1792ASE - The First Elections - 1992AD
1800ASE - A Russian ruler got won the election - 2000AD
1801ASE - The Communist Party of Konolas protested in Igorgrad. - 2001AD
1802ASE - Beginning of The Communist Revolution. - 2002AD
1815ASE - Status quo in The Communist Revolution. Thousands of people have been killed or orphaned. - 2015AD

Communist era - 2015AD
1819ASE - Vilen Kozlov elected Supreme Chairman. He’s been assasinated a few months later. Andrey Sucli elected Emergency Leader - 2019AD
1820ASE - The Second Konolasian Civil war after Andrey Sucli claims Emperorship - 2020AD

We will update when we find more info