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Kireina urban legends, folklore, and other spooky stuff

Now these are not primitive cavemen, oh they're way different. These are miners that stayed in caves too long. The first of these cavemen was a miner named Irawai Duion. He was too busy mining for gold and lost track of time. He stayed in the cave for years, eating rats and bats to survive. His skin became pale, and his eyes and teeth turned yellow. His face became monstrous and his fingers became claws. If you stay in a cave too long it is said you will turn into a caveman like him, or worse be eaten by one.

Haruto was a man whose body was never buried when he died. His soul will never rest until his body is found and properly buried. He also protects graves against those that wish to disturb them.

Anoki was a daughter who liked to fish with her mom. One day she fell off the boat. "Help Mother I'm drowning" she shouted while choking on water. "Wait, I got a bite!" her mom replied. Anoki drowned. She then turned into a spirt that looks like a serpent. She targets fishermen that are oblivious to they're sounding.

Jogu is a spirt that has a body of a spider but the head of a woman. She targets children who stay up late at night.

Pronounced "sigh.ack", they are pig-like beast with bloodshot red glowing eyes. They lurk at night, preying on children wandering in the woods.

These are green creatures that have leather armor that protect the Earth. They kill those that overhunt and over deforest.

Pronounced "tech.o.s.ho.sev.oo", these are spirts influenced by Hurusomas and Gashadokuros, from Japan. Tekoshosevus are tall skeletons known for cutting down trees. They cause fog to appear, can breathe fire, and can use cold breathe to freeze their victims. They roam at night, eating any living thing in their sight.

This one doesn't have a name. It is a house that appears at night and disappears in the day. It is said the husband killed his wife and vanished. The wife roams the house in search of her husband. If any male victims enter her house, they will become her husband for internity.