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Foreign Nations and Relations

List of known stellar nations beyond Kindadrea

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The Holy Empire of Antchrace WAR
The Republic of Fukkatsu WAR
The State of Novaterra WAR
The Republic of Paraíso Neutral
The Stellar Emirate Tense relations
The Federation of New Australia Neutral
The Democratic Republic of Schronienie Cordial
The New Imperial Republic WAR

Kindadrea's International Standing

(On scales of 1 to 9)
Diplomatic Influence: 1, Classification: INTERNATIONAL PARIAH
"We have been condemned by the Galactic Community and have been attacked by multiple nations."

International Security: 5, Classification: Improving
"The growth of the military has improved stability, but there is still progress to be made."

Military Strength: 5, Classification: Moderate
"The military has been rebuilt greatly, though it is not enough."

Rule of Law: 8, Classification: High Integrity
"Our nation is almost free from corruption. The government is held accountable for everything it does. Corruption is quickly rooted out on the rare occasion it is discovered."

Human Rights: 9, Classification: Perfect
"While our history is stained with human rights abuses, our nation has since become a beacon of freedom and democracy."

Technology: 7, Classification: Good
"Our nation is not the most technologically advanced, but it is good."

Megastructure Progress: 4, Classification: Intermediate
"Our nation is not falling behind on megastructure construction, but there is much to be desired."

Kindadrean State Department Report

NOTICE: On the war
The declaration of the Great International war in 113SC has turned foreign relations from sour to genocidal. We are in a defensive war against 4 separate powers. Do NOT attempt travel outside of Kindadrea. Do NOT attempt reasonable dialogue with foreign powers. If you see a foreigner, shoot them IMMEDIATELY.

Background: Why is Kindadrea a rogue state?
On the Second Contact incident where the SS Exalted was destroyed by the NV Track and Field (its name was written in Indonesian), the Exalted’s crew believed they "were being fired upon by a vessel of a polity, probably alien, that had ill-will towards the human race and likely wanted us exterminated" and fired back in turn with a low-yield fusion cannon turret. The Novaterran vessel outclassed the Exalted, and the ship was destroyed with a particle beam that bypassed the armor and hit the fuel tank, causing the fuel to decompress and explode. Destruction protocol had the sensor module ejected, where it moved to a safe distance and observed the vessel's path.

The SS Heavenly Glimpse was dispatched on the order of the President to track the ship through the network at maximum acceleration. They observed the surrounding stars to find progressively more central points in the wormhole network until they found the Nexus system and entered at maximum acceleration. They encountered a massive trade hub that sent interceptors to destroy the Heavenly Glimpse. Not wanting to die like the crew of the Exalted, the Heavenly Glimpse managed to establish radio contact.

The station, known as the Nexus International Outpost, speaking in Japanese, informed them that a vessel of the same design had "harassed a Novaterran vessel for no apparent reason". The Heavenly Glimpse gave them the Exalted's logs to prove the crew's innocence. The outpost crew first said they did not trust the Heavenly Glimpse because they used their computer to speak rather than the crew speaking themselves. The Heavenly Glimpse's crew explained that they did not expect the outpost crew to have any information about Kindadrean English and so they translated it into Japanese. The outpost crew added that the Exalted's logs must have been faked and then stated that "the Novaterrans have been tracking an aggressive and dangerous civilization that just so happens to exist exactly where yours does, and we don't think that's a coincidence." The crew of the Heavenly Glimpse realized that they must have seen the nuclear explosions in the Sol system from the Battle of Sol and concluded that Kindadrea was violent and dangerous, and that the outpost crew could not be convinced that the Novaterrans lied, because the lie that the Exalted harassed the Track and Field was very convincing. The ship was then notified that it had broken the rules of the Nexus by going 10 times over the acceleration limit, and that hundred-G burns were considered "threatening due to being used primarily by militaries".

Following the incident, former President Hans Rever immediately sought to calm the incident by establishing permanent contact with the international community through the outpost. The Heavenly Glimpse asked to put one of their spare wormhole communicators on the station to establish permanent communication. The outpost cautiously permitted them. President Rever attempted to explain Kindadrea and everything that happened the following day. While he prevented an all-out war with Novaterra, the international community was suspicious of Kindadrea because of its violent history, the Novaterran claim that they were harassed by the Exalted, and Kindadrea's unofficial adherence to Marxism-Leninism (though the party was dissolved, the way of life remained throughout most of the country), an ideology they thought was aggressive and had been relegated to the dustbin of history.

For his last few months in office, Rever could not establish good relations with any nation. The Kindadrean public was convinced, based on what they had learned about the nations of the galaxy, some of which are extremely dangerous, that diplomacy was not fruitful and so elected the Ultranationalist president John G. Germaine to arm the country against potential invaders. Finally, the military build-up initiated by Supreme Leader Germaine is seen as a threat to other countries.

The Galactic Community

The Galactic Community is an international body set up to mediate disputes and enforce agreed-upon international laws. They are constantly debating on new legislation, most proposals for which are shot down. Kindadrea was never invited and does not have a seat in the Community. The Galactic Community generally supports the Great International War.

"The Galactic Community is an absolute cesspool. Member nations rarely ever agree on anything, and the only thing keeping debates civil is the strict punishments for getting hostile. One half is an echo chamber of despots, Imperials, warmongers, and people who side with them because they're afraid, and the other is a circle#### of "democratic" countries that smugly assert their moral superiority whilst letting the former half commit whatever atrocity they feel like. The only thing these guys agree on is that Kindadrea is bad. My team has uncovered that there's absolutely no fairness to the "condemn Kindadrea" debate. The Imperials and the Novaterrans are doing it just to subjugate us, Fukkatsu genuinely believes the Novaterran lie and everyone else is just falling in line." -KCIA Director Amanda Dubois

Tourist Comments

Fukkatsu tourists:

  • "The people have a strong connection to their nation and culture, and it is quite vibrant, you can definitely tell a Kindadrean city apart from any other nation's city. As I toured the Reed station and the planet Mist, I visited many historical sites and museums, and got a feeling for why this country is seen so negatively by other countries. The history combined with everyone being openly patriotic made me anxious. I noticed a lot of familiar ingredients and flavors in the food, which tasted pretty good."

Paraisan tourists:

  • "It was a strange experience. The architecture is bland by comparison to my homeland, though I understand my people's architecture is much different from everyone else's. The people I met were very devoted to their country, and did not engage in sloth or laziness even though food and shelter was free. I could not understand it. The food was hearty but not presented as creatively as the food back home, and Kindadreans eat together in clean-white cafeterias with not much decoration, making the mood a bit odd. Additionally, the people were inscrutable and I often found myself facepalming at my cluelessness."

New Imperial Republic tourists:

  • "I could not enter the country, the border navy threatened to have me and my crew of 103 destroyed if I passed the border stargate."

  • "After smuggling myself in, it was the strangest experience of my life. Plenty of other countries grant freedom to people that mine doesn't, but the whole atmosphere was different. I visited the most populated planet, Kindadrea, where the people were patriotic and community-oriented. The people said vague things and I had to decode their metaphors every time I talked with them. The food was good, but it lacked a flavor most of my nation's dishes have, I can't quite remember. I had to flee when I was caught by the guards."