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Interstellar Travel

The wormhole network is a method of faster-than-light travel. It was a massive infrastructure project, built by the now-dead Empire to expand through space. Ships travel to installations at the edge of a solar system, go through the wormhole, and arrive at the station linked to the entrance.

Wormholes become time machines if organized in any way other than a tree. And for reasons too complex for an overview page, that means they would just explode. As a result, the wormhole network is shaped like a tree. Therefore, there is only ever one path to reach a star system, and consequently entire swaths of the galaxy can be blockaded by putting a fleet in a single solar system.

Warfare through the wormhole network is a game of blockading chokepoint systems. If you want to get past the chokepoints, you can travel slower-than-light to your destination. However, that takes years or even decades. War is a careful balance between using the wormhole network and travelling slower-than-light.

Some "terrain" is faster to traverse than others. Large systems with more planets, spread further away from the star, have their wormhole gates placed far from the planets in the system and from other gates. Smaller systems, usually red dwarfs, with more compact planetary orbits have less distance between planets and gates.

The wormhole network was created by self-replicating probes called "linelayers" which travel at almost the speed of light to expand the network, taking advantage of time dilation to make it appear that many thousands of light years of lines were laid in only a couple hundred.

Colonized Space

Kindadrea spans a small amount of the territory of the former Empire, hundreds of star systems clustered around Sol. Most of these systems are red dwarfs with only a handful of planets. Most planets are simply ignored unless they have useful resources, tolerable gravity, manageable weather (if atmosphere is present) and tolerable radiation.

Editium deposits are important on the galactic map. This exotic material can amplify or reduce most of the material properties of anything it is applied to and is in high demand. There are large deposits of it in the core of large asteroids in the Sol system, among others. Planetary core mines on geologically active planets provide a larger amount. These deposits are very important on the galactic map.


The Contested Sector
The Contested Sector is a region of space in the middle of all inhabited space. It is a collection of roughly 500 systems, which ultimately lead to the Nexus system. It is closer to the galactic core than any other sector, though this hardly registers on a map as inhabited space is tiny compared to the unexplored galaxy. It is impossible to go from any known spacefaring civilization to another without first passing through the Contested Sector, unless you are willing to travel slower than light. Nations tend to agree not to settle there, because it would cause an incident, and if they do settle there, it is strictly an international project requiring contributions and approval from everyone. There are some colonies and stations in the Contested Sector, particularly at Nexus where traffic between nations must go to. All other sectors branch from the Contested Sector in a tree-like pattern.

From West to East: Paraiso -> Schronienie -> Stellar Emirate -> N.I.R. -> Kindadrea -> Fukkatsu -> Novaterra -> Antchrace -> New Australia

Sol Sector
A collection of roughly 300 inhabited systems, with hundreds of millions that could be explored and colonized further from the galactic core (as in all non-contested sectors), this sector is home to the Glorious Federation of Kindadrea. It holds the original homeworld of the human race. It is located smack in the middle of known space. It borders the N.I.R. and Fukkatsu.

Fukkatsu Sector
The Fukkatsu Sector holds the Republic of Fukkatsu. It is adjacent to Kindadrea and in the interstellar East.

Novaterran Cluster
The Novaterran Cluster is inbetween Fukkatsu and Antchrace, in the East.

Antchracian Bough
The Antchracian Bough holds the Holy Empire of Antchrace. It is the second right-most sector on a map where the Sol sector is on the top and Nexus is on the bottom (this is defined as the interstellar East, where the left of this map is the interstellar West). It borders Novaterra and New Australia's territories.

New Australian Arm
The New Australian Arm is the easternmost sector of known space, bordering only Antchrace.

N.I.R. Domain
The N.I.R. is a sector in the interstellar west, holding the New Imperial Republic. It is directly adjacent to the Sol Sector and Antchrace, increasing the potential for a border skirmish.

Emirati Arm
The Emirati Arm is to the west of the N.I.R. It borders the New Imperial Republic and the Democratic Republic of Schronienie.

Schronienie Sector
The Schronienie Sector is in the interstellar west. It borders the Emirati arm and the Paraiso Sector.

Paraiso Sector
The westernmost sector in known space, it borders the Schronienie Sector.

Unexplored Space

Kindadrea has barely explored the wormhole network, and many of the jobs in the highly automated economy are dedicated to exploration. A combination of groundside facilities and exploration cruisers on decades-long journeys employ up to 16% of the workforce. The void converted Kindadrea's culture from one of soldiers to one of explorers. It is possible that other civilizations, or some unknown threat, exists in unexplored space, and that the nation is reaching out towards its peril. The confirmed existence of other human civilizations may already be confirmation of this.