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[OOC] Khoronzon Illustrated

Repository for various drawings/memes/etc pertaining to Khoronzon, accompanied by small lore tidbits relevant to the images in question. Mostly for plugging my own art, though contributions from on-site friends and the like will also be featured and are greatly appreciated. The fact that people other than myself care enough about my nation to actually take the time and draw stuff for it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and inflates my ego

Perpetually WIP by nature, will be updated as more entries are made.

By: Karamiko
(IC: Antarctica)

Despite having immensely different values, to the point of being virtually opposites ideologically, Khoronzonites and Antarcticans have remarkably similar appearances. This is due to a number of shared tastes in fashion, such as long hair and subtle eye makeup on both sexes, relatively low disparity in outfits between genders, and often meticulous personal grooming. Some regions and groups within Khoronzon additionally make significant use of scarves, or otherwise long, flowing garments, also common features among Antarctican winter clothing.

Needless to say, with both peoples being so opposed to each other, these similarities would be quite unsettling to them should they cross paths.

It is generally customary for Emperors to be on good terms with the Ministers of their Inner Circle. Given the way Narcissus' administration came to power, this is especially true in his reign - both Iranon and Vasilias have been close personal friends of his for several years, while Isidor has a deep sense of indebted loyalty towards him despite his general aloofness, and Ialdabaoth, having retained some degree of familial sentiment from his human brain, thinks of the Inner Circle as his family.

Pictured - Vasilias tending to Narcissus during his lengthy morning routine, accompanied by Chimaira.

By: Khoronzon
Featuring: Bloodshade

While Ambrosia von Carstein may not be on the best of terms with Emperor Narcissus, in part due to a personal grudge over the latter's idea of humour - and, naturally, with her view towards the Khoronzonite state and ideology being less than favourable - her disposition does nothing to hamper Iranon's inquisitive, sometimes even playful nature, and he has developed a rather teasing attitude towards her. What kind of feelings underpin this behaviour, whether contemptuous, affectionate, or simply curious, is difficult to discern.

Pictured - Iranon projecting his spectral form behind an irate Ambrosia and ruffling her hair, both attending a state dinner at Valentine Z.

While biological engineering is pervasive and advanced in Khoronzonite technology, with specially designed bio-constructs being made for a variety of purposes, willful, on-demand manipulation of one's own physiology is a somewhat rare and emerging capability. The primary means through which this is achieved is endosymbiosis with the Bhramari S bio-construct - Bhramari being a colonial zooid organism capable of fusing itself with other lifeforms and radically altering their structure, with the BhrS variant being designed to have greatly reduced cognitive independence in favour of interfacing with and being controlled by the host's brain. Within the elite echelons of Khoronzonite military hierarchy, these capabilities may be further enhanced through theurgic means - the SARCODINA special operations unit, for instance, is solely composed of individuals with such special augmentations.

Pictured - Vasilias Lathi, licking blood off his face while demonstrating his symbiotic implants.