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The Emperor (rewrite in progress)


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"What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to have a heart, a soul? Perhaps it's true that I have neither of those - that in their place, all I have is a screaming void, driving me to hunger for the spark of humanity that others possess. But if that is indeed the case, then the world and all that is decent and virtuous within it exists only to be devoured by a carnivorous abyss. Such is fate's decree. A sad prospect, is it not?"


Evehxhas (personal name: Saehr "Narshiss" XKV66), also referred to by his epithet "the Ascendant", is the Emperor of the Divine Supremacy of Khoronzon. Crowned in 2320 and ruling for the past seven years, he is the tenth in the Supremacy's history to bear the title of sovereign, following a multi-year violent power struggle orchestrated by him against his predecessor, Ophryxarazh, which culminated in his seizure of power in a coup that saw the latter's killing by his own hands. His meteoric rise owes largely to his status as a central religious figure in the secretive, deceptively expansive occultist sect of the Shrouded priesthood known only as "the Gateway", whose deviant views from the "mainline" Abyssal Cult have led to massive religious and political upheaval as they were brought to the foreground by Evehxhas himself, now the Messiah of the new faith. Befitting his status as a de-facto god-king, his unprecedented exertion of sovereign power over the Supremacy at large over the course of his reign has incurred a radical transformation throughout its society, with nearly all aspects of the nation's collective character and will being moulded and reshaped to his own new designs - all towards a grand, sacred goal through which he aims to shake not only Khoronzon, but the entire world.

Born as a V-class in the Sanctum Sector of Vohzhrost, Evehxhas was a sickly and feeble child despite his extensive eugenic background, and was considerably sheltered from the world in his early childhood. His mental development was highly abnormal since birth, showing unheard-of aptitude in learning and processing information in spite of his physical impairment, yet simultaneously possessing severely dulled social faculties and emotional development. Initially isolated and treated as a guinea pig for cognitive experimentation by school staff, he was later cared for by one of his instructors, who treated him almost as her son and sought to introduce him to a wider social sphere among the other schoolchildren. Under her guidance, he came to develop an outward personality, emotional expression, and a clear, driven ego where none had previously appeared to be present, while the condition of his body steadily declined in severity. A few years later, however, she died of drug overdose following the untimely death of her lover in a border conflict, and much of the progress she made in her attempt to raise him was lost from his inability to cope with her passing. For the rest of his time in school, Evehxhas grew increasingly unruly and withdrawn, and his future became deeply uncertain.

At the age of thirteen, Evehxhas fled the school with his sole friend at the time - who would later become the Grand Apostle Xhasthrai - following a recurring dream he had experienced in which an unknown, outside entity would promise him deliverance and greatness. Guided by intuition and hallucinations, they were led to a sect of occultists calling themselves the Gateway, who claimed that he was born of divinity and destined to rule. The two were taken in, phylaxolysed, and raised over the next few years by the Gateway's central cadre. Evehxhas' previous aptitude for learning rose exponentially, [...]

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    28 y/o


    Current: 229cm - 7'6"
    Pre-aug: 196cm - 6'5"


    Current: 212kg - 467lbs
    Pre-aug: 79kg - 174lbs

    Sanctum District 2,


    Prematurely ended
    (Tier 3V)

    Absolute monarch
    Divine representative


    2320 - present (7 years)


    Ophryxarazh (executed)


Saehr being walked through the gardens, age 5
"The caged bird, surrounded by its wild brethren, has the greatest yearning for flight.
Release it, and its ravenous desire will carry it through the clouds."

On the 5th of January, 2299, the neonate that would become Emperor Evehxhas was born among countless others in a Hatchery in Vohzhrost's Sanctum sector – fully formed after a year of extensively engineered industrial gestation, grown from a clump of gametes to a mature foetus within one of the complex’s thousands of synthetic wombs. His prenatally-assigned identification number, X86K08V66, served as his only name in the impersonal environment at the dawn of his life, abbreviated as XKV66 for the sake of convenience. Born into the V-class of the Supremacy’s tripartite caste system, he was designed for nothing short of sheer excellence, intricately crafted and imbued with the most advanced of Khoronzonite genetic technology to rule over the next generation of the nation’s citizenry. Shortly after his birth, he was placed under the care of a creche-nurse along with eleven other V-class neonates, and was given a "true" name at 6 weeks of age - "Saehr", a modified form of the Khoryahsh word for “ruler”. After two years had passed and the time came for him to leave the nursery, the young Saehr then entered his first year of education - however, the promises and expectations of greatness surrounding him from his conception would not be fulfilled quite so simply.

Saehr's early life was fraught with affliction, and his sheltered existence retained no shortage of hardship within the confines of the Hatchery. Although he was born in virtually perfect physical health, he quickly began to deteriorate as he matured - starting from his infancy, his motor functions were found to be considerably impaired, and by consequence, his body grew frail and sluggish. His other mental faculties were developed enough to keep euthanasia at bay, yet they remained highly unusual; where his V-class fellows, both in infancy and adulthood, are largely known for their tendencies towards egocentrism and emotional volatility, his behaviour took the opposite form – blank, unmoving, and severely lacking in any conventional sense of "ego"; behaving as though he existed solely to observe and record, with his only apparent drive being the fulfillment of that purpose. Although he excelled in most academic subjects and showed exceptionally rapid learning within such areas, teaching him even basic social functions was likened to “teaching an octopus to navigate a maze”, while he himself was described early on as “an uncanny, robotic creature, whose capacity for ‘thought’ as opposed to ‘data processing’ remain[ed] unclear”.

Unnamed painting by Saehr, age 9

Already singled out from the other students due to his physical condition and unique mental traits, he was soon taken in by his instructors to be given an entirely personalised private schooling regimen tailored to his unusually high learning pace, which in reality served as a pretext for them to extensively study and experiment with his cognitive abnormalities. His social development would remain virtually nonexistent, while in the meantime, the condition afflicting his body showed gradual, if minor, improvement. Around the age of five, however, a somewhat unexpected change became manifest in his upbringing. His caretakers had started showing him artistic pieces of various forms, primarily in the style of Khoronzonite expressionism, as a means to stimulate emotional responses and gauge psychological activity, and he soon developed what appeared to be considerable interest; within months, he went from drawing detailed replicas of images he had seen to creating compositions of his own, the increasing elaboration and uniqueness of each subsequent work interpreted by the instructors as reflective of clear emotional and psychological development.

For all but one of his caretakers, however, this development served not to humanise the child in their care but rather to heighten his status as an object of curiosity, and the extent of his mind's capacity for adaptation was prodded at with renewed vigour. Worried by the increasing boldness and avidity of her colleagues, and taking pity on Saehr and his emergent "true" personhood which she saw as being impeded, his language instructor, Maia RGT48, strong-armed him into her care and began to raise him largely on her own terms, intending to further cultivate his emotions, personality, and sense of self. As a somewhat well-known writer and poet in addition to her profession as a school instructor, she found him intriguing and consistently made efforts to bring him into her craft, teaching him personally in literary matters well ahead of his age group's standard, while gradually making attempts to lead him into social relations with other students. Over time, she affectionately coined a nickname for him, which soon came to replace his real name in most interactions even beyond Maia herself as his social sphere expanded - "Narshiss", the Khoryahsh word for both the mythological figure Narcissus as well as the daffodil plant, both as an ironic nod to his still-nascent ego and as a reference to Maia's favourite flower, a bed of which she recreationally maintained and tended to in the greenhouse of her apartment complex.

Maia preparing for a day of classes

During his time under Maia's care, Saehr began to foster an increasing amount of interpersonal connections, his behaviour and demeanour subtly evolving after each new encounter as he accustomed himself and adapted to his new way of living. His physical condition additionally improved at a heightened pace; by the age of eight, he was able to run without assistance, and by nine, he was manually dextrous enough to write and draw fine details by hand. His image shifted from his prior perception as a mechanical information processor to an exceptionally eloquent and charismatic child, and with this, a sense of superiority and somewhat subtle arrogance came to emerge within his personality. In spite of his ever-increasing social proficiency, most of his acquaintances lost relevance to him before long, and none save for Maia herself would have anywhere near the significance of his ties with one Iranon LKT61. Another V-class one year his senior, the latter had, similarly to Saehr but to a considerably lesser degree, been treated as an intellectual prodigy within his academic grade, and consequently came to feel distant from his peers and instructors. The two soon took to each other with ease, bonding over their shared experiences, and Iranon came to be Saehr's sole long-term friend among his fellow students.

Initially unbeknownst to Saehr, however, Maia's personal life had been thrown into turmoil around the beginning of his tenth year. An ongoing border conflict around the Ural and Yenisei provinces had, before ultimately being repelled, taken the life of her lover, a junior officer in the navy, during a skirmish in the Kara Sea. Although she was left distraught by her death, resorting to ever-increasing drug consumption while hoping to find solace in her work, she remained aware of Saehr's perceptiveness and took great lengths to hide her predicament from both him and the school at large. However, her deteriorating health would only amplify her work stress, causing her to rely more on drugs to numb herself, while the increasing visibility of her ailment continued to add to her worries; eventually, the self-escalating cycle of degradation reached its peak, and she met an unceremonious death alone in her apartment. Left dejected by the incident, Saehr once again became heavily withdrawn, wishing for a means to dampen the blow and struggling to retain his normalcy.


Waiting between course sessions, age 12
"To have one's world shattered is painful. To abandon it is even more so.
Yet to cling to its empty shell, to seek warmth in its lifeless fragments, invites the greatest suffering of all."

Prior to Maia's death, Saehr had been considerably sheltered from the troubles of the world outside his school. Although his political education began considerably earlier than most as a result of both his birth class and his cognitive abnormality, thus exposing him early on to concepts such as war, power struggles, and criminality, he had never truly experienced hardship or loss first-hand. Such concerns were but abstractions to him, held well at bay by the high walls, both physical and social, inside which he was born and raised. For the life of one he not only respected, but deeply trusted and valued, to be lost to the forces of the outside was not only saddening on its own, it was inconceivable; the revelation of the once-unreal world beyond the nest breaking into his life and taking something he treasured struck him with terrible force, leaving him struggling to understand the new world he found himself in.

Ultimately failing to come to terms with Maia's loss, Saehr subsequently fell into severe depression, and became unresponsive to nearly everything around him. Iranon was his only remaining confidant, but he grew distant even with him; isolating himself from everyone else, his interest in his studies and leisures all but faded out, and he went by his days lethargically going through the motions and procedures expected of him without will or engagement. Even this, however, often proved too demanding of his willpower, and he frequently neglected his routines to seclude himself in inactivity for hours, if not days, on end. Such behaviour would have been addressed urgently and decisively by the Hatchery's health department were he any other student, but, given the special case that he was, most of the burden of pulling him out of isolation fell to Iranon out of worries that the staff would mishandle him, and his friend was left to try and tend to his problems largely on his own.

Iranon sitting outside Saehr's quarters

Despite Iranon's best efforts, Saehr's condition showed no signs of improvement for more than half a year. In addition to his psychological ailments, his physical health suffered and grew unstable; his bodily strength and coordination fluctuated severely, with some days finding him in normal condition and others leaving him barely able to walk or eat without assistance. The school's medical staff was largely able to provide support during his periods of physical inability, yet he remained heavily dependent on Iranon in his day-to-day activities, and the latter soon became nearly as reclusive as he was as worrying and caring for him occupied more and more of his life. In spite of this, it was only very slowly and subtly that Saehr became receptive to his company again; for the most part, he scarcely acknowledged his presence, treating him much like any other component of his daily routines and often shunning him outright during particularly severe episodes.

As the months went by and Saehr remained as catatonic as ever, Iranon came to increasingly doubt his own usefulness in helping him, and although his relative normality afforded him greater access to psychotherapeutic services, his exhaustion and the perceived hopelessness of the situation led to his coming close to falling into a despair of his own. However, just before all his hope could be spent, Saehr's health began to show hints of recovery; over the next year, his ataxic phases and periods of total isolation gradually declined in frequency, and his attitude towards Iranon slowly shifted back from viewing him as an impersonal crutch to regaining some semblance of the closeness they previously held. By the time he turned thirteen, he had largely regained his ability to live as normally as he used to, although the ramifications of his episode continued to impact his life even after his recovery. Out of caution and to prevent further incidents, the Hatchery's research staff became much more reserved in their efforts, and his educational plan was restructured to reduce stress and isolation. In the meantime, both he and Iranon had, over the course of his depression, driven themselves into self-seclusion to the point of becoming each other's sole companions, and they had consequently grown closer than ever.

The pair in Vohzhrost's uncharted reaches

Soon after his recovery, Saehr began experiencing recurring disturbances in his dreams, initially in sporadic intervals, but rapidly increasing in frequency until they occurred to him every night without fail. Each time, the same sequence of events would take place - his previously dreamt imagery would become muddled and distorted until nothing was identifiable from anything else, at which point a voice would begin calling out to him. For the first few instances, it was muffled and entirely unintelligible; however, as time went on, it gained in coherence, and its message revealed itself to him ever more clearly. It began by singing his praises, claiming he was born of divinity and promising him unparalleled greatness in his future, before instructing him that he was to escape from his current life and meet his new correspondent face to face in order to find his true calling. For two weeks, he tried to resist its commands - by the third, however, he had given in, and with Iranon accompanying him, he took the nearest opportunity to flee the Hatchery.

The two of them promptly set out into Vohzhrost in search of Saehr's dream-messenger, with nothing but Saehr's own intuition as their guide. Although he initially held reservations towards the aimlessness of it all, Iranon's hesitance soon faded as they continued on out of trust in Saehr's conviction - despite being more familiar than anyone else with his weaknesses and faults, he was also keenly aware of his exceptional, inhuman cognitive faculties, and found it best not to question something that he held with such certainty. Eventually, as the pair found themselves heading further and further into the city's remote depths, more precise guidance appeared to them in the form of hallucinations directing them through their journey, taking them into ever more obscure regions until the landscape around them was no longer recognisable as the city they thought they knew. It was only then, when the Vohzhrost of order and routine from which they came had been wholly replaced by a new Vohzhrost of impossibility and otherworldliness, that their destination finally appeared before them out of the labyrinth, as if it had found them just as much as they had found it.


Being received by the Gateway
"Very often, one's full potential cannot be realised gently.
It has to be broken out with a hammer, torn free by tooth and claw - only then will it come forward."
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"This world will fall to me one day. I will extend my grasp to cover its entirety, and it will become part of myself. But even when that point is reached, my goal will be far from achieved."
- On conquest

"The more I expand beyond my corporeal shell, and the more in touch I become with what I am, the more suffocating it feels to live here. I can't stay in this world forever, but just leaving isn't so simple of a task. This is why I rule this nation the way I do, building off of religious fanaticism and promising spiritual enlightenment, all for the sake of laying the foundations from which I can make a proper return to where I belong. And as a token of gratitude - though it isn't like either I nor my subjects have much choice in the matter - I'll be taking them all with me, sheltered within my being in new forms they'd never imagine."
- On the purpose of his reign

"The world of the gods is just as discordant and erratic as the material, if not more - everything changes, everything shifts along the currents when pushed with sufficient force. There's no grand plan that sets things in stone the way they are. This especially applies to thinking minds - if anything, their sole consistently underlying trait is malleability, constantly being shaped and reshaped by circumstance. One simply has to be in touch with the flow of circumstance, and even what may appear foundational can be moved around like loose bricks."
- On causality


- While fragments of the One's "true name" have damaging or otherwise distorting effects on reality if uttered aloud - though this is technically impossible for conventional vocalisation - Evehxhas is capable of warping the sensory perceptions of individuals around him to a noticeable degree merely by stating its simplified name, Ahxh, in basic Vulyahsh.
- Though his official, regnal name is Evehxhas, his close personal acquaintances almost invariably refer to him by his childhood nickname, "Narshiss", unless protocol demands otherwise. As with most individuals who take on Shrouded names, though, referring to him as either Narshiss or Saehr without a sufficient degree of trust and familiarity with him is generally seen as an offence to his dignity and merit, and in his case as an Emperor, to his sovereign legitimacy.

- Evehxhas is not only revered as a godlike figure within the Supremacy alone; among the outside world, he is believed by occultist devotees of Adolf Hitler within the Order of the Black Dawn to be the ancient Fuhrer's reincarnation, destined to lead the world into a new golden age and restore the long-lost glory of the Hyperborean race by cleansing the world of evil. The information possessed by them on Evehxhas' reign and ambitions is largely supplied covertly by infiltrators from the Gateway, seeking to invigorate them against the enemies of the Supremacy in preparation for its final war, when the forces of Khoronzon will sweep over the entirety of the Earth in a war of conquest of cataclysmic proportions.

- He supports lgbt rights. wholesome chungus 100 now your progressive liberal self-insert leader has to like him

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