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The Serene Khanate of
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Khatun Tersin Arzhaana Jiradai

Tersin Arzhaana Jiradai
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Khatun of the Kheshig Khanate
Tersin Arzhaana

Khatun Arzhaana at the Winter Hermitage in 2015

# Title of Nation Name


Formal Address (Formal)
In-Formal Address (In-Formal)


May 21st, 2014 Present (6 years)


June 15th, 2014


September 21st, 1971 (a. 50)


Enkhbat Dashgai


Ds. Tuvshinbayar
Ds. Arslan
Ds. Surengiin
Ds. Coduraa

Full Name

Tsasanshuurga Arzhaana Jiradai




Oghlan Tersin


Yaruq Elbeslik


Mukhulai Military Academy
Dharmaraja University


Tibetan Buddhism



Military Service


kheshig khanate

Service Branch

Kheshig Ground Force

Years of Service

1987 1995
2005 - 2010


Major (honorable discharge)

Tersin Arzhaana (Chagatai: Tyersin Arjaana; Farsi: آرژانا ترسین; also referred to as Arzhaana Tersin and Ts. Arzhaana, born October 5, 1971) has been Khatun of the Kheshig Khanate since May 21st, 2014. Arzhanna was born in Hanggai Banner, as the first child of Colonel Oghlan Tersin of the Eastern Alliance and his wife Yaruq Elbeslik. She was a key ally of Khan Dzirghan during the 2007 Siege of Quran which resulted in the collapse of the Supervisory Council of Yarmakan Autonomous Region.








Early Life

Arzhaana was born in Temirchi Village, Hanggai Banner, during the later years of the Transcashma Interregnum. Coming from a militia family, she received a traditional education. In 1987, Arzhaana enlisted in the Kheshig Ground Forces, serving one year in Karashikhar among the internal troops. The following year, Arzhaana attended the Mukhulai Military Academy in Turiya, graduating with a lieutenant's commission.

She married Enkhbat Dashgai, a lawyer and wealthy entrepreneur from Ordosbaaliq without a hereditary link to the noyan families of the banners. In 1995, Arzhaana received an honorable discharge from the Kheshig Ground Forces, attending Dharmaraja Kheshig National University in Ordosbaaliq the following year.

Arzhaana worked for Dharmaraja University until 2003, developing the foundations of the Noyan Council's media policy for the next decade. She taught media classes, wrote opinion pieces for the Ordosbaaliq Times, and published a book of poems.



Political Views

Friendly: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkministan, Pakhistan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kyrgystan, Belarus, Afghanistan

Neutral: India, United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, France

Antagonistic: Ukraine, Georgia

Religious Views









  • Tuvshinbayar (born July 8th, 1996) is Arzhaana's oldest son. Presently, Tuvshinbayar serves as a captain in the paramilitary Eastern Guard under the command of the Noyan of the Hanggai Banner. Tuvshinbayar is a hawk against the People's Republic of China. He is not expected to succeed her as khan.

  • Arslan (born April 22nd, 1998) is Arzhana's second oldest son. He is a heavyweight wrestler who took home a bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Arslan owns a popular gym in Roshanna.

  • Surengiin (born January 2nd, 2001) is the Khatun's youngest son.

  • Codurra (born September 13th, 2004) is Arzhaana's only daughter. She is presently enrolled in a prestigious private school in Istanbul.


  • Portayed by Baatarsuren Shuudertsetseg, a Mongolian writer and film producer.

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