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The Empire of KhanterWinters

KhanterWinters Empire
Ἐλεύθερον τὸ Εὔψυχον
(Freedom is Courage)

Empire Crest

Country: KhanterWinters
Demonym: Khanterian
Goverment Type: Militar Empire
Capital: Khanterland
Leader: Khanter W. Molchaniye
Currency: Cookies (To be changed)

Imperial Goverment

Emperor: Khanter W. Molchaniye


Civil flag


The Militar Empire of KhanterWinters is a massive, efficient nation surrounded by water, ruled by Khanter W. Molchaniye with an iron fist. The hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 5.024.343 Khanterians are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.


Founded on May 6, 2017, with the intention of being a nation hosted in TBH, KhanterWinters, has grown under the experience of various social, political and military operations.

Currently, The Emperor of KhanterWinters, Khanter W. Molchaniye, was found guilty, for the disappearance of BadgerBot V1, and for Biting the former Captain Altino, turning her into a Zombie (ZombAlti). And recently WaRlorder (ZombWaRlorder), causing the same effect (Apparently, there is no sustantial prove of any of this crimes).

The Flag

KhanterWinters Official Civil Flag

The national flag of KhanterWinters is made up of four parts:

- Background: The blue background consists of two representations, the geographical and the symbolic, geographically, it shows the deep blue of the skies when the sun reaches maximum height, same blue, when the mountains touch and want to reach the infinity of the sky. The symbolic represents the peace and union of the people, in spite of all the difficulties, they remain in all their senses.

- Gold Stars: The five stars. located four in the corners, and a fourth of four points in the center. Beginning with the four corners, they show the rays of the sun, skimming the skies, representing that in any corner the light will illuminate the nation. The fifth, in the center, under the familiar emblem on the white cross, shows the protection of the light of the ancestors, and of the diverse divine cultures that have shaped little by little this great nation.

- White Cross: The White Cross centered, shows the purity of the nation, the perennial snow of the mountainous system, causing an eternal eye of water, water that purifies the nation's fields. Brilliant symbol of the dedication of our ancestors to maintain the eternal purity of cultural diversity.

- The Crest: Symbol of the ruling family, the Molchaniye family, which has struggled to remain pure from the inpureness that houses the NSverse, the golden fenix, the representation of the continuous rebirth of the lineage, the eternal sun of the West. His phrase, in Greek, represents the ideals "Freedom is courage".







Civil Goverment