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Vosak - Kazakahian Philosophy

Vosak (translated as virtue) is the ideology and philosophy of Kazakah as described in the Charter of Foundation. It founded by Aarald IV Odbahren of Kazakah. It is associated with several major Kazakahian political movements and with the Kazakahian Imperial Family.

Aarald Odbahren, Emperor of Kazakah from 1945 to 1988, developed Vosak during the years before his rise to power and the Great Restoration. Vosak was first mentioned in his 1932 speech, The Prominence of Our History. It was later brought to distinction in his popular book The Role of Man and the Failings of History; a Study of Vosak and Self-Betterment (always referred to as The Role of Man) and finalized in The Vosak Creed.

It is rooted in traditionalism, nationalism, and the importance the individual. Vosak protect Kazakah through the encouragement of individual self-betterment, traditionalism, national defences. It chooses to vest parts of economic power into Guilds and strives towards national autarky. Vosak is largely anti-socialist and anti-capitalist.

The core belief of Vosak can be summed up by this quite from The Vosak Creed: "In order for a Nation to be Strong, its Individuals must first find a Strength within themselves. For one to achieve this Inner Strength, they must embrace all aspects of both Tradition and Self-Betterment through the application of education, daily prayer, devotion our Nation, and the practice of Saokun [martial arts]".


Vosak is derived from the Old Kujul word fossahk meaning "to stand right." It is in itself referencing a proper stance in Saokun. A master in Saokun was one who was religiously pure and a formidable force in battle. The word eventually came to mean virtuous or righteous.

Odbahren chose the word as a reflection of what a ancient Saokun master would be: moral, strong, intelligent, and formidable in battle. These values are what a Vosak adherent should always strive to accomplish.

Odbahren, 1930

Principle Beliefs
Odbahren argued that moral degradation in the last century was a root cause for societal and governmental failures. In The Role of Man, he lays out traditional beliefs and customs that had been ignored, specifically by the Communist government in Kazakah from 1886 - 1945, and correlates them to the decline of marriages, births, the national economy, and wars won by Kazakah.

Odbahren painted a picture of the glorious past, harking back to cultural memories of the Kazakahian Golden Age and historical warriorship. He referenced popular leaders such as Empress Celena and General Tym Vertas. Vosak believes that individual liberties are important as to not impede the will Nyzdol, but that any attempt to destroy cultural legacy and morality must be met with appropriate force.

Vosak rejects progressivism, degeneracy, and what is described as "a modern shallowness and lack of dignity."

Odbahren taught that religion was the pillar of society. In The Vosak Creed he outlines Kardnalism as the traditional, true, and only religion of the Kazakahian people.

The practice of ancient Kazakahian martial arts, known as Saokun, is a component of Vosak. Odbahren complied centuries of teachings in a book called Prayer and Saokun; Divinity Unlocked. This form of fighting is believed to be a key in establishing oneself as independent.

In Odbahren's speech The Prominence of Our History, he stated the importance of retaining a national identity. He is quoted as saying "The Individual is a unit of a Nation. A Nation is a collection of Individuals with a shared cultural Heritage. One cannot exist without the other and thus both must be protected as to preserve the other."

Vosak is based around protecting the national culture and sovereignty of Kazakah. It calls for strong national defence and little to no immigration.

National Sustainability
Vosak advocates for national sustainability on the basis that reliance on other countries is a threat to sovereignty. Trade and diplomacy with other nations is not condemned but complete sustainability must be reached first.

This is achieved through smart management of available resources, traditional agricultural practices, and conservation of nature.

Like the individual, a nation must also be ale to defend itself from hostility. Warriors and military men are given a higher respect than the average person.

Vosak Individualism
Odbahren believed in order to achieve perfectness on a national level, individuals must first be perfected. He encouraged a balance of learning, physical health, and self-reliance. He thought that the practice of Saokun was important in achieving this.

Vosak teaches that the Imperial Monarchy has a Divine Right to Rule. The Monarchy has a sacred duty to lead and protect Kazakah by implementing Vosak. Because of this duty the power of a Monarch is strong but not unlimited. Odbahren himself believed that the Sovereign's power should be dictated in a constitution.

Guildism is an important part of Vosak philosophy. Vosak seeks to establish National Guilds that have significant control over trades and would seek to further careers and advocate for workers in a way trade unions cannot. Members of a Guild would have access to connections, resources, and apprenticeships. Certain Guilds can grant scholarships to member they believe to have potential.