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Amâdey III of Kazakah - Our Emperor

Amâdey III

Amâdey III

Amâdey during a KAF weapon test in 2019

Emperor of Kazakah ect.


– His Imperial Sovereign (Formal)
– His Majesty (In-Formal)


20 March 2019 – Present


3 June 2019


September 28, 1969
Imperial Palace, Calhan Capital District, Kazakah


Kathryn Valhart (m. 1995)


Harald (b. 1996)
John (b. 1997)
Annabella (b. 1998)
Elizabeth (b. 2000)
Isabella (b. 2003)

Full Name

Amâdey Lorīs Aarald Frederick






Alexandra Cortanala


University of Calhan (Economics, History, and Military Science)




Military Service



Service Branch

Imperial Army

Years of Service

1991 - 1997



Amâdey III (Amâdey Lorīs Aarald Frederick; born 28 September 1969) is the Emperor of the Imperial Dominion of Kazakah. He ascended the Kazakahian throne in 2019 after his father's death.

Amâdey was born in Calhan as the oldest son of Prince Lorīs and socialite, Alexandra Cortanala. He became heir apparent at the age of 18, when his father ascended in 1988. He served in the Imperial Army for five years. He married Kathryn Valhart in 1995 and they have five children; Harald, John, Annabella, Elizabeth, and Isabella.

His full name is Amâdey Lorius Harald Frederick and it follows the Imperial naming traditions. His first name, Amâdey being his regal name. His two middle names after his father and paternal grandfather respectively. And his personal name, Fredrick. He is known as Fred by his closest friends and family.

Amâdey has faced international contempt over his views, specifically on his nationalist and anti-communist stances. He has survived four assassination attempts to date and has been criticized by several world leaders for his actions.






Early Life, Education, and Military Service

Amâdey was born on 28 September 1969 at the Imperial Palace in Calhan, during the reign of his grandfather, Emperor Harald IV. He was the first son of Prince Lorīs and Princess Alexandra.

From 1987 to 1990, Amâdey studied economics, history, and military science at the University of Calhan. After this period he served in the military from 1991 to 1997.


On March 20, 2019, Lorīs of Kazakah died of old age, leaving Amâdey as Emperor.

His reign was been marked by a period of stunning economic growth and vibrant international relations. Kazakahian economy increased by 28.6 percent while under his rule. Amâdey authorized the construction of embassies in several nations. He has pulled Kazakah out of several ongoing foreign wars, and has focused military might on defeating communist regimes in neighboring countries.

National Patriotism

Political Beliefs
Like his predecessors, Amâdey believes in holding up traditional Kazakahian values and warriorship. He is a self-described national patriot. However unlike his father he beleives in creating strong diplomatic relations.

Amâdey continued his family's legacy of harsh anti-communism. In March of 2020 he dispactched the 1st Regiment of the Imperial Army to Haveldonia to exterminate communist uprisings.

WA Resentment
In an interview in April of 2020 he stated his anti-WA sentiments.

"I don't believe any non-Kazakahian force should hold power over our nation. As I said, they don't have our interests at heart. If I was the General-Secretary, my first act would be to disband their entire operation. I don't trust them and I don't think anyone should."


- "Chaos is no match for a clean sword and sharp mind."


  • Amâdey is an accomplished hunter, dancer, and swimmer

  • He fought in the infamous Battle of Jutot in 1993

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