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The Free Republic of Antarctica

The Free Republic of Antarctica is the southernmost nation and continent on earth. Once completely covered by miles of ice, the Antarctic continent in 3018 is fully thawed, and is known around the world for its lush pine forests, picturesque lakes, towering mountains, beautiful cities, months-long days and nights, and best of all, adorable king penguins. Its human residents, meanwhile, are well known for their cultural diversity, friendly and fair-minded attitudes, kind and compassionate hearts, medical expertise, unique fashion styles, and love for baseball and animation.

Antarctica is a parliamentary democracy of 66 million people. It is governed by the Grand Council, whose Prime Minister effectively serves as leader. The Antarctic Constitution, meanwhile, is protected by the Grand Tribunal, the nation's highest court. The peace and amity of Antarctic international relations is also guaranteed by its Constitution, and no military is needed. The Antarctic religion is a reformed branch of Hinduism, with a humanistic attitude and love for personal and societal freedom. Between the Free Republic's innovative and generous public benefits and the network of incentive rules that guide the private sector, the Antarctic standard of living is enjoyed by all its people, and the economy is well-behaved without detracting from its power and efficiency. Looking back on their continent's violent and hateful past, the Antarctic people continue their most dedicated efforts to build a better future for themselves and all generations to come.