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International Policies

Antarctica is well-known for its unfailingly respectful and cooperative attitude in international politics, having signed a great variety of agreements with nations around the world. At the same time, the Free Republic maintains a neutral stance in international politics, in accordance with Article 11 of the Antarctic Constitution, which states in full, "International aggression shall be rendered on the part of the Free Republic under no circumstances, excepting those in which such aggression is an absolute necessity." While the existence of defensive forces is permitted by the Constitution, it is not desired by the Antarctic public, due to their peaceful and humanistic beliefs, as well as the fact that they would rather see their tax money spent on public services and benefits for themselves and each other. Generally, relations with other free and democratic nations are quite warm and friendly, while totalitarian nations may receive a more frosty reception.

Antarctic immigration laws are as generous as can be while maintaining provisions for national safety. Specifically, before any non-citizen, tourist or otherwise, is allowed off the boats into Antarctica, they must first pass a background check to make sure they are not likely to cause violence, and then receive a resident identity card. After that, they are free to stay as long as they like, unless they commit crimes or cause violence, in which case they can be removed from the country. After four years of good behavior, non-citizen residents are eligible for naturalization, in which they receive a citizen identity card and become full Antarctic citizens. Additionally, people born anywhere to at least one Antarctic citizen, or born in Antarctica to at least one lawful resident or citizen, automatically become citizens, and underage citizens, whether born or naturalized, receive identity cards once they turn 15. For its humanist values and its kind, friendly, and fair-minded citizens, Antarctica always has been and continues to be a destination for people from all walks of life and all around the world.