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Notes on the 2017 Reformation of the Kalosian Language

LinkYou can now view the latest developments of the Kalosian Language in this database.

currently this is unofficial; i just needed a place to collect my thoughts for the planned kalosian language reform taking place over the summer. when the process is complete i will likely transform this into an actual factbook article. thanks for the understanding

new kalosian alphabet
Aa Bb Dd Ee Ff Gg Ǧǧ Ii Jj Kk Ll Ľľ Mm Nn Oo Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Zz
not in the alphabet but present in loanwords: Cc Hh Qq Xx Yy
Cc -> T
possibly change to N w/ caron

-l for imperative
-z for interrogavitve mood/indicating question

sound changes from italian
unstressed o at the end of word -> u, stressed o/single syllable remains o
unstressed a at the end of word -> ??
-zione -> -ziu

l (m sg) la (f sg)
li (m pl) le (f pl)
l' (first letter is vowel)

possessive pronouns
m: 1s-miu 2s-tiu 3s-siu 1p-niu 2p-viu 3p-liu
f: 1s-mia 2s-tia 3s-sia 1p-nia 2p-via 3p-lia

gender in nouns:
m: -u (sg, if penultimate syllable is stressed), -o (sg, if unstressed), -i (pl)
m: - (sg, if penultimate syllable is stressed), -a (sg, if unstressed), -e (pl)

adjective must agree w/ subject in terms of gender and number
expand conjugation

regulated by L'Akademia Kalosiana dla Lingwistika (Kalosian Academy of Languages, AKL)

The Republic of Kalosia