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The Republic of Kalosia (to be completed)

The Republic of Kalosia
Republika di Kalosia

Flag Emblem

Gloria in pace
(Glory in peace)


Population: 11,483,297
-Density: 376.15/km²

Capital and Largest City: Monterra

Official Language: Kalosian

Demonym: Kalosian

- President: Edgard Solem
- Prime Minister: Elenė Kasini
- Speaker of the Council: Antoniu Kruž
- Speaker of Congress: Ǧovana Lambertu
- Chief Justice: Luiž Kartė

- Upper House: Council of the Republic
-Lower House: Congress of the Kalosians

Establishment: from the Kingdom of Kalosia
Independence: 9 January 1925

Land Area: 30,528 km²
11,787 mile²
Water Area: 2,137 km²
Water %: 7%

Highest Point: 2,104m (Mon Venero)
Lowest Point: 0m (sea level)

GDP (nominal): NS$ 431 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita: NS$ 37,572

Human Development Index (NS Version): 0.902

Currency: Kronu
Symbol: ⌘

Time Zone: GMT+1

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +35

Internet TLD: .kl

Kalosia (Kalosian: [kɑˈloːsɪɑ]), officially The Republic of Kalosia (Kalosian: Rėpublika di Kalosia [rəˈpublɪkɑ di kɑˈloːsɪɑ]) is a country in Rushmore. It occupies the entirety of the island of Kalos, and therefore does not maintain land borders with any country.

On earth, the island of Kalos is located in the Mediterranean sea, east of Catalonia, south of the French riviera, and to the west of the French island of Corsica and the Italian island of Sardinia. The closest foreign territory is the island of Menorca of the Spanish Balearic Islands. The culture and language of Kalosia is influenced heavily by

In Rushmore, the island of Kalos is located in [TO BE COMPLETED].