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Catalog of Communes and Syndicates in Kalaascovy (subject to editing)

Help us name some of our cities!

Kalaascovy is home to 12 Syndicates, 5 Major Communes, and one additional "Scientific Territory" each having their own major cities, they are listed below:

The Commune of Taqorsburg - Grand Syndic:
Taqorsburg - Sole City, Capital of the former Empire of Kromerov.

The Syndicate of New Courland (formerly known as the Old Imperial District) - Grand Syndic:
New Kuldīga - Capital of New Courland
León - Largest concentration of French descendants in Kalaascovy

Pogranicze - Grand Syndic: Roberto Almaguer
Hölle - Capital of Pogranicze

The Syndicate of the Keoralny Islands - Grand Syndic:
???? - Capital of the Keoralny Islands

The Syndicate of Bursylvania - Grand Syndic:
Port Syndic (formerly Heron) - Capital of Bursylvania
Aetherdale -
Lecter - Location of the Rocco Steelworks, the largest cooperative in Kalaascovy

The Commune of Stanisławia - Grand Syndic:
Nuuscow - Capital of Stanisławia, and the de facto capital of Kalaascovy

The Syndicate of Pokąd (Formerly the Central Regions) - Grand Syndic: Vladimir Kielson
Novosiaat - Capital of Pokąd
Kalaut-Nunat - Major Tobacco Product Manufacturer
Lyell - Major Mining Town

The Syndicate of the Siber Islands (Also known as the South Islands) - Grand Syndic:
Uumsk - Capital of the Siber Islands
Jessupville - Former Location of the Jessup Estate
Pāri aisbergam - The first established village on the Siber Islands

The Syndicate of Ryu - Grand Syndic:
Dolph - Capital of Ryu
Li-yo - Largest concentration of Japanese descendants in Kalaascovy

The Commune of Steampoint - Grand Syndic:
Steampoint - Capital and Major Railroad Junction

The Syndicate of Ichorhold - Grand Syndic:
Melpoint - Capital of Ichorhold
Ichorhold - The Largest city within Ichorhold (Syndicate)

The Syndicate of Juy Island - Grand Syndic:
Julio - Capital of Juy Island
Lyo - Known for its adult industry, particularly relating to that of the Homosexual variant. First town to successfully burn down all religious buildings and replace them with brothels.

The Syndicate of Bol’shoye Zhelezo - Grand Syndic:
Bol'shoye Zhelezo - "The Iron City", Kalaascovy's industrial center
Lio - a town outside of Bol'shoye Zhelezo (yet within the Syndicate's borders) that is home to a large deposit of Oil which it extracts

Commune of Sommersburg - Grand Syndic:
Sommersburg - Capital, major agricultural center, formerly the location of the "Summer Home" of the Imperial Family.

The Syndicate of Vladivor Island - Grand Syndic:
Lytem - Vladivor Island Capital
Port Tesseract

The Syndicate of New Masovia - Grand Syndic
Boetiusborg - Capital of New Masovia
Jadwiga - Largest Cathedral in Balugata

The Syndicate of Skorscia - Grand Syndic: Maximo Kozlowski
Finpar - Capital of Skorscia


The Territory of Kalaascovi Antarctica - Co Syndic:
Port Tonga - Capital and sole “city” of the Antarctic Territory



THE TERRITORY OF Jourdy (current protectorate) - President: Stephen Lee